backyard kitchen

Today, outdoor spaces are considered to be more than just a backyard space, but rather an extension of the home. Complete with plush seating vignettes, fire tables, dining sets and a backyard kitchen, the all-encompassing exterior living area should blend seamlessly with your existing architecture and have the same amenities as your interiors.

When it comes to backyard kitchens, our new wood grain finishes can help you achieve the popular trend of bringing the “indoors out.” Applied directly our stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry the new finishes provide a sense of luxury that will surely impress visiting friends and family. They have the ability to bring a whole new level of color, style and design to the outdoors.

The list of available wood grain finishes includes Chestnut, Cherry Flame, American Maple, Bamboo, White-Washed Wood, Table Beech, Burlwood, and Teak. The finishes have a very realistic wood grain look, but will not warp, split or crack, and are offered in our popular Key West and Hampton doors.

Our wood grain finishes add warmth and depth to outdoor kitchens, creating an inviting effect for traditional-style designs. However, for those with a palette for contemporary architecture and style, our Table Beech and White-Washed Wood finishes are the perfect choice.

As an added bonus, our stainless steel cabinetry and wood grain powder coat finishes can be used in interior applications as well, allowing for versatility. Fluctuating temperatures cause traditional wood to swell and contract; our stainless steel cabinetry and doors finished in these realistic wood grains are the ideal solution to this age-old problem.

No matter if you are preparing to renovate your backyard space to incorporate an outdoor kitchen or are looking to freshen-up your interior kitchen, our new wood grain powder coat finishes have you covered. To learn more about the available colors and door styles from our team of experts, fill out the “Contact Us” form on the right side of the page and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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