There was a time when the outdoor entertainment space consisted of a few chairs, a table and a grill.  Over time it evolved to stone or stucco islands, perhaps some bar-height seating and guests were treated to watching the chef grill a few burgers while enjoying a couple of beers.  Regardless, neither arrangement required the creative eye of a designer, architect or landscape professional… but today that’s all changed.

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens’ innovative approach of creating individual cabinetry, powder coated in an array of colors and realistic wood grains changes everything.  Design professionals of all persuasions now have the opportunity to take their talents outdoors.  Designing with Danver gives interior designers, kitchen and bath professionals, architects, landscape architects, builders and others the ability to present their clients with an outdoor entertainment space, complete with an outdoor kitchen, as beautiful and fully designed as any space indoors.

Using cabinetry, rather than the traditional stone and stucco island layout, opens up outdoor spaces designers never thought of using before.  In addition to backyards, outdoor kitchens are being designed for wood and composite decks, rooftops, poolside, transition rooms, terraces, balconies and anywhere people gather to entertain under the sun… or stars!

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The opportunity to let your creative side flourish in the great outdoors has never been better.  Both our brands, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, have set the outdoor industry standard for color, style, design, durability and functionality in outdoor kitchens.

Durable and environmentally-friendly stainless steel has been the norm in outdoor kitchen cabinets for years.  But they have always been used as shiny metal boxes stuck inside stone, stucco or prefabricated composite islands, with functionality best suited to collecting spiders.  Danver revolutionized outdoor kitchens by reinventing the norm and putting outdoor kitchen design into the hands of designers.

Consider the endless layout and design possibilities with hundreds of cabinet configurations and sizes, dozens of powder coat colors and realistic wood grain finishes, and a variety of door styles rivaling their indoor counterparts in design.  And because Danver cabinetry is at home anywhere on the property, including decks, rooftops, backyards, transition rooms, you have seeming unlimited freedom for space planning.  The cabinets accommodate all outdoor appliances including grills, eggs, pizza ovens, bartending stations, beer taps, refrigerators and more, allowing you to meet the cooking and entertaining desires of your client.

Meeting Your Project Needs

Regardless of your client, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens are at home in residential, multifamily, commercial and hospitality environments.  We have ADA-compliant cabinetry if you’re working in a multi-family gathering area, and a line of heavy duty mobile cooking, beverage and entertainment carts that are perfect for hospitality projects.

The Business of Design

When you’re ready to begin designing for the outdoors, contact us using the form to the right or calling the Danver office at 203-935-8400.  We can discuss your business and what options work best for you – we can work with you in a variety of ways, from becoming a dealer with a showroom display to simply working together on a single project.  Together, we’ll create the right relationship.

Our cabinets for outdoor kitchens combine style, design and function with top of the line appliances for a luxury outdoor entertainment space.

Let us help you design your dream outdoor kitchen!