Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

The two elements that bring together a kitchen, whether it is located indoors or outdoors, are the cabinets and countertops. Outdoor countertops need to hold up against time and climate, but also need to have the right look and feel to complement the outdoor living space. This can be tricky, as not every countertop material is durable for outdoor environments.

Fortunately, Danver stainless steel cabinets look great with all types of countertops. And although we do not sell countertops, our in-house designers and knowledgeable dealer network can help you choose the best countertop for your outdoor kitchen!

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Countertops can be natural or man-made, with each option having positives and negatives. Granite, concrete, and soapstone are familiar countertop materials that work both indoors and out.

  • Granite countertops are among the most popular countertop option. However, outdoor granite countertops require sealing, ongoing maintenance and they will scratch and absorb spills, requiring immediate clean-up.
  • Concrete countertops are durable like outdoor granite countertops and with new colorization and staining techniques can be quite beautiful. They also require ongoing maintenance including sealing each year or two and are susceptible to stains.
  • Soapstone is a good option for outdoor kitchen countertops since it is non-porous and cleans up easily, but it also scratches easily. It is both chemical and heat resistant. It is recommended that a maintenance regime of applying mineral oil once a week for the first month you own the countertop, then monthly to every three months.
  • Marble countertops may seem like an obvious choice, but since marble is a stone, it will weather – breaking down over time. In addition, it stains quite easily.
  • Tile countertops are extremely liable to cracking and replacing a broken tile countertop can be difficult as it may be possible to find the same tile to replace the broken one.

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Outdoor Kitchen Countertops Brands

In addition to natural materials, the outdoor kitchen market has man-made countertop options. The most popular are categorized as compact sintered materials, which are an evolution of manmade stone. Compact sintered materials perform best in outdoor kitchens.

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Atlas Plan: large-sized porcelain slabs for countertops, worktops and furniture applications

The technical performance and sophisticated aesthetic of porcelain come together in large-sized slabs that create the impression of continuous and harmonious surfaces and spaces.

Atlas Plan perfectly reproduces the excellence and richness of the colors, textures, veining and light effects of marble, natural stone and the most innovative designer materials, creating unique suggestions and atmospheres.

This unique, continuous material is unaltered by time, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and ideal for surfaces that demand maximum hygiene, strength and aesthetic harmony, such as kitchen worktops and backsplash panels, sinks, tables and bathroom vanities.

Main advantages of Atlas Plan slabs


The ideal material for contact with foods: surfaces remain extremely hygienic and resist high temperatures and thermal shock.


The chemical and physical stability of porcelain stoneware allows it to resist chemical attack and color change.


Porcelain stoneware is a versatile material capable of withstanding even high loads.


The material’s impressive surface hardness allows it to resist scratching and wear.


Atlas Plan slabs can reproduce any color, pattern, decorative effect and material look, guaranteeing excellent versatility in style.


Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultracompact surface manufactured from a mixture of the raw materials used to make glass, next-generation porcelain surfaces, and quartz surfaces. It is made with exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology (TSP) — an innovative ultra-compaction process. It is resistant to UV rays, scratches, stains, and thermal shock, and it has very low water absorption.


Lapitec is made from a mixture of natural minerals melted together under high heat, then subjected to a patented vacuum vibro-compression technology. It is available in large slabs with consistent appearance and performance. It is non-porous and resistant to heat, frost, UV rays, and scratches. It is non-absorbent and is resistant to dirt, mold, and bacteria.


Lapitec Design Brochure

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