Appliance Cabinets

Danver’s appliance cabinetry accommodates nearly every outdoor kitchen appliance available. From pizza ovens and smokers to side burners and beverage centers, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens’ selection of cabinets integrate nicely with your outdoor appliances.

You’ve spent months meticulously choosing the perfect outdoor appliances, now it’s time to bring the look together with Danver outdoor cabinetry! 


Type of Cabinets for Built-In Appliances

Grill Cabinets: Regardless of the grill you chose to prepare the vegetables, fish or beef for your friends and family, it’s going to look great in a Danver cabinet. Danver manufactures stainless steel cabinetry for almost every grill available, enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen.

Burner Cabinets: Partial to lobster and other shell fish, but the smell permeates the house? Bring your lobsters to boil outdoors with a power burner or side burner in a Danver outdoor kitchen cabinet made specifically for it. Let the cabinetry blend your appliances together into a showplace and let the lobster bring your neighbors together!

Pizza Oven Cabinets: Impress friends and family with authentic pizzas from your high-quality pizza oven housed in a beautiful Danver appliance cabinet. Danver pizza oven cabinets support the weight of your pizza oven while complementing the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen.

Smoker Cabinets: Want to wow your guests with a decadent dish of smoked salmon at your next dinner party? Danver Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen cabinetry manufactures stylish smoker cabinets that will add the finishing touches on your outdoor kitchen!

Beverage Center Cabinets: Create the ultimate outdoor bar station and keep your brews cold and your ice colder by enclosing your beverage center in a tasteful appliance cabinet by Danver.

Why Danver?

All of Danver’s stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliance cabinets are manufactured to fit with precision and a meticulous attention to detail. Danver provides homeowners with the opportunity to incorporate color, style and design into the cabinets housing your outdoor kitchen appliances ensuring your kitchen cabinets are truly and uniquely your own.
Although we do not manufacture grills and other cooking appliances, we do distribute a number of quality brands at various price points for the convenience of our customers, making us the perfect one-stop-shop. The brands we recommend and distribute include:

  • Alfresco
  • Coyote
  • Solaire
  • Evo
  • Saffire
  • Tuscan Chef



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