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Luxury outdoor kitchens are outfitted with the same upscale kitchen amenities that you would find in an indoor kitchen – complete with durable, stylish cabinetry. From grills to outdoor refrigeration and bartending stations, there are countless options for customizing your space with outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories, all while catering to different cooking styles and entertainment needs.

Cosmopolitan Collection

The collection includes six product offerings, manufactured with powder coat stainless steel: Prep, Store, Eat, Cook, Buffet Cook, and Buffet Store. The Cosmopolitan Cook and Cosmopolitan Buffet Cook are prepped to fit the Invisacook induction burner technology, which is ideal for small spaces where a grill may not be practical.

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Outdoor accessories and amenities are the perfect additions to your outdoor entertainment space. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor bar accessories and other offerings!


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Cooling & Bartending

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Barbecue Hoods

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Floating Stainless Steel Shelf

Floating Shelves

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Kitchen Carts

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Outdoor Kitchen Accessories & Amenities

People are taking advantage of backyard outdoor living now more than ever! Keeping their culinary skills and entertainment needs in mind, individuals are designing outdoor living spaces that transform any ordinary backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Outdoor kitchens are outfitted with the same upscale kitchen amenities that you would find in an indoor kitchen – complete with durable, stylish cabinetry and the latest appliances and gadgets.

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Cooking: One of the best features about our outdoor kitchen cabinets is that they are designed to fit any cooking appliance, regardless of size or brand. While we do not manufacture grills, we distribute some brands as a convenience for one-stop shopping. Learn more about outdoor cooking appliances and amenities.

Cooling & Bartending: When designing outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces, an outdoor fridge and bar are must-haves for the ultimate in entertainment. Learn more about Danver cooling and bartending features.

Countertops: Danver does not supply countertops, but we understand the importance of choosing a beautiful and durable countertop that holds up against unforgiving climates as well as regular wear and tear. Learn more about outdoor kitchen countertops.

Barbecue Hoods: Danver does not manufacture barbecue hoods, but smoke ventilation and airflow are important considerations when designing your outdoor kitchen. Learn more about BBQ hoods.

Floating Shelves: Designed with sophistication in mind, our stainless steel floating shelves are available in a variety of widths and create a clean, sleek look in any kitchen. Find and buy floating shelves.

Kitchen Carts: Kitchen carts are perfect for portable meal prep or extra storage space. They are a great solution when cooking and entertaining requires more flexibility. Shop Danver kitchen carts.


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