Outdoor Barbecue Islands

Modern updates transform your patio or pool into a home resort, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor BBQ islands have been evolving over the past few years creating new opportunities for the outdoor living area. As more and more homeowners add outdoor cooking and entertainment areas to their patio, yard, or rooftop, more functional outdoor kitchens have been replacing “traditional” stucco or stone barbecue islands.

A Modern BBQ Island_Danver Outdoor Kitchen

While many people still like the idea of stucco or masonry outdoor kitchen islands, these units lack the functionality and durability needed to withstand the elements and wear-and-tear from daily use. After all, you don’t want to spend more time maintaining your outdoor BBQ island than you do using it to cook and entertain!

As homeowners are choosing to transition their BBQ islands into full beautiful outdoor kitchens, many are turning to stainless steel. And, a majority of those homeowners are choosing to powder coat the stainless steel for a beautiful, virtually maintenance free finish.

Why Choose Stainless Steel for Your BBQ Island & Outdoor Kitchen?

Easy Installation

Why limit yourself to just a BBQ island when you can build a high-end outdoor kitchen in less time, using less labor? The traditional stone and stucco barbecue islands require a tremendous amount of labor and time to install. In comparison, full stainless steel outdoor kitchens can be installed in less than a day, saving you time, alleviating headaches and allowing you to get to entertaining sooner!

Function & Style Regardless of Weather

Outdoor BBQ IslandNot only is stainless steel extremely durable, but it is also an excellent all-weather option that requires less maintenance and cleaning than wood or polymer, which are often used as cabinetry in traditional stone BBQ islands. From harsh desert heat, to salty coastal air, to winter storms, stainless steel barbecue islands are built to withstand the elements.

Enjoy a summer BBQ in the backyard with friends or grill up a juicy steak in the middle of winter using your outside barbecue island equipped with Danver stainless steel cabinets.

Not Just for Grilling

The perfect outdoor living space is composed of more than just a barbecue island. Today outdoor kitchens have become an extension of the home’s interior. No longer just a grilling space, outdoor kitchens have evolved and now feature separate cooking and seating areas. When you choose Danver, you get more than a modern BBQ island, but a fully-functional kitchen equipped with everything you need to host large parties or intimate get-togethers with friends and guests. The options are endless, whether you want a full outdoor bar or a gourmet cooking area with top of the line appliances. It’s your area to design.

The Danver Difference

Adding a luxurious outdoor kitchen to your home is a seamless process when you choose Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. As the leader in stainless steel outdoor kitchens, Danver provides homeowners and designers with a variety of different options to match each home’s unique style and needs. Additionally, Danver recommends Dekton® by Cosentino for outdoor kitchen countertops as it is the best kitchen countertop material due to its exceptional strength, quality, non-porosity and is resistant to scratches and abrasions.Perfect for food preparation.

Don’t limit your outdoor entertainment space to an outdoor barbecue island. Create a fully-functional stainless steel outdoor kitchen and be the envy of friends and family.

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