The Outdoor Kitchen Blog

From recipes to design ideas to project profiles, the Outdoor Kitchen blog by Danver features articles and ideas to enhance your outdoor living experiences. Peruse through our collection of blog posts for inspiration, design tips, recipes, and new products to expand your outdoor kitchen knowledge and get motivated to start designing your very own outdoor living space!

Outdoor Kitchen Features

Depending on the brand, outdoor kitchens can include a variety of features and amenities that are crucial for food prep, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. These features include grills, fridges, bars, seating, sinks, and more. By choosing a brand like Danver for...

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5 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

The interest in revamping outdoor living spaces has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years. As outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas increase in popularity, it is important to understand the benefits of including an outdoor kitchen in your space, which range...

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The Benefits of an Outdoor Grill Hood

Outdoor grill hoods are not required in completely open outdoor cooking areas, but they are necessary for airflow and ventilation in any indoor-to-outdoor or covered cooking space. While Danver does not manufacture outdoor grill hoods, this article discusses the...

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U Shaped Outdoor Kitchens

Are U shaped outdoor kitchens designs the right layout for your outdoor space? Use this guide to help you decide! An important consideration when designing your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen is the shape of the layout. Depending on the size of the outdoor living...

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