Outdoor Kitchen Solutions for Hospitality Environments

Luxurious hospitality environments like hotels, casinos, resorts, and country clubs provide a high quality service and entertainment experience for customers. The most sought-after hospitality environments offer outdoor amenity spaces with pools, seating, and outdoor kitchens.

To seamlessly integrate an outdoor kitchen into your amenity space, you will want to choose a high quality brand. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens consistently delivers durability, beauty, and functionality to outdoor living spaces worldwide.

We manufacture 304 and 316 (marine) grade outdoor stainless steel cabinetry for virtually all climates. We engineer our cabinets to remain durable in many types of environments – poolside, on rooftops, and more. Our cabinetry is perfectly at home on luxurious hospitality properties, with options ranging from traditional cabinetry to mobile solutions.

Traditional Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Our traditional stainless steel cabinetry offers a variety of solutions for your outdoor hospitality space. With dozens of styles and hundreds of sizes, each cabinetry style is purpose-driven to fulfill specific needs.

If your space supports storage, base and wall cabinets are great solutions. You can add locks to select door styles for extra security in common areas. We also offer grill and appliance cabinets to accommodate almost every appliance for outdoor cooking.

For even more functionality, we manufacture sink and trash pull-out cabinets as well. To complete your design, choose from a selection of door styles and award-winning powder coat colors.

Our traditional cabinetry boasts an abundance of features to support outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces in common-use areas. These features include bar height seating, cooking and bartending amenities, and ADA compliance. These features allow you to create a signature outdoor kitchen space that will be attractive and functional.

Bar Height Seating

Including poolside bar seating into your hospitality space is a must-have. Bar height seating is the epitome of any drinking and dining experience. With our products, you can easily incorporate bar height seating and bar stools into your outdoor kitchen area. These solutions include extra countertop support and extended height back panels that support a backsplash application.

Cooking and Bartending Amenities

For an outdoor cooking area, our cabinetry can accommodate nearly every grill on the market. You can also add other cooking appliances like a pizza oven, egg smoker, evo, or power burner.

By utilizing our cooling and bartending amenities, you can easily create an outdoor entertainment space. We work with high-quality brands to support ice makers, kegerators, wine coolers, and more. We can also support multiple outdoor refrigerator styles, like two-drawer and glass front.

ADA Compliance

The standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are vital for accessibility for all in common-use areas. Our cabinetry can fulfill standards to make your outdoor space fully ADA compliant. Since our cabinet boxes are 30” H with adjustable legs, you can accommodate ADA height requirements.

We also manufacture ADA-specific cabinetry, like our ADA sink base and sink space. We designed these cabinets specifically for wheelchair access, with removable modesty panels to hide plumbing.

Post and Panel System

We developed the Post and Panel System (PPS) as an answer to meet the wear and tear demands of outdoor common-use areas. We designed this system to match the durability and aesthetics of our traditional cabinetry. With removable panels, PPS provides countertop space when you do not need additional storage.

Cosmopolitan Collection

The Cosmopolitan Table Collection is available in a variety of styles, allowing for plenty of versatility. We offer four table versions and two buffet versions, each suited to cooking, prepping, eating, or storage. This collection shines in spaces that have size restrictions or cooking limitations. For an added benefit, we also offer ADA compliant height, locking casters, and a wheelchair accessible version.

Rolling Carts

For a unique solution, our rolling carts highlight the look of our traditional cabinetry with the convenience of mobility. Select from varying widths in our 27” D base cabinets on a rolling frame. You can choose from our palette of powder coat finishes and our selection of door styles for a unique style for your rolling cart. When you add powder coated end and back panels, you will have a finished look on all sides.

With all the beauty and function of our traditional cabinetry, our rolling carts add the convenience of mobility. You can roll or station your cart by the pool, by seating areas, and more. Design multiple carts for larger spaces and a unique setup.

Food and Beverage Service Carts

Food and beverage service carts are a versatile solution for any hospitality environment. You can seamlessly integrate a rolling cart on your property to provide service nearly anywhere. Our carts are convenient for offering food and beverages to your patrons by the pool or on the golf course. With sturdy construction and locking wheels, our carts can move across most terrains with ease.

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is the top choice for the luxury outdoor hospitality industry. Our high quality stainless steel products reflect our dedication to growing the hospitality space. We offer a variety of solutions to cater to the needs of both you and your customers.

We offer durable materials, limited maintenance, award-winning colors, and a variety of features. From traditional cabinetry to mobile carts, we offer high quality options to provide excellent service to your customers.

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