Inspiration for Desert Outdoor Kitchens

Regardless of your climate, outdoor kitchens are a popular addition to backyards, rooftops, or transitional spaces. The climate will determine requirements and any durability concerns that are specific to that region.

By choosing a brand like Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, you can optimize your outdoor kitchen design to suit your needs. We engineer our cabinetry to be durable in virtually every climate and last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

In this article, we discuss considerations and outdoor kitchen ideas in the desert Southwest. People enjoy desert outdoor kitchens all year, making them a huge benefit to the value of your home. However, this climate has important considerations for durability in the sun. We outline considerations, tips, and inspiration for getting the most benefits out of your desert outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens in the Desert

The “desert Southwest” of the United States encompasses Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of the surrounding states. Environmental factors that are native to this region include plenty of sunlight, warmth, minimal rainfall, and milder winters. The effects of the sun are a major concern, both on products that are outside and the people enjoying them.

The recent uptick in people moving to this region is influencing how people approach their outdoor living spaces. Ongoing building and development have increased the desire for compact outdoor living solutions and shared amenity areas. As a result, outdoor lifestyle brands are constantly creating new and innovative products to meet these demands.

At Danver, we understand the evolving needs of the market. For this reason, we offer a variety of solutions that cater to both large and small spaces, as well as shared spaces.

Desert Durability

As mentioned, durability against sun exposure is a vital consideration for desert outdoor kitchens. Some outdoor cabinetry materials, like plastic, will warp and fade over time in the sun.

By contrast, stainless steel maintains its structural integrity in many types of environments. It will not warp, crack, or fade. These properties are especially important in warmer, sunnier climates.

Danver has been perfecting the use of stainless steel in the outdoors for over 25 years. We engineer our 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cabinets to withstand all types of weather. We also offer an array of powder coat finishes that are UV rated to remain vibrant over time. This dedication to durability means that our kitchens are the top choice for luxurious outdoor living spaces.

Consider a Cover

While our outdoor kitchens do not require a cover, using a cover in the desert can be highly beneficial. Even though stainless steel is durable outdoors, it can become hot to the touch during sun exposure. Your outdoor kitchen should be as convenient and functional to use as possible, and a cover can provide much needed shelter from the sun.

Covers like pergolas, gazebos, and patio umbrellas will prevent people from having to spend hours in the sun. A cover will also protect bare stainless steel appliances and dark cabinetry from becoming too hot to the touch. After all, you will want your backyard kitchen to be as comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable as your indoor kitchen.

Small and Shared Spaces

As mentioned, compact and shared living are becoming increasingly popular in the desert Southwest. Although small outdoor spaces typically have more limitations, our product offerings will fulfill any requirements. We engineer our cabinetry in 3” increments, meaning you can create virtually any size and configuration.

For more compact locations with cooking limitations, our Cosmopolitan Table collection is a great modern outdoor kitchen solution. This collection is available in four table styles and two buffets. The Cook version includes the Invisacook, which is induction cooking through the countertop. This solution is practical in outdoor cooking spaces where you cannot use a gas grill.

Our Post and Panel System (PPS) is also a practical solution for shared amenity areas. This system provides plenty of counter space without additional storage space, utilizing a skeleton system and removable panels.

Blending In

Rich, earthy colors will seamlessly blend your kitchen with the desert landscape. We recommend shades of brown, beige, grey, and taupe for your color palette. For outdoor kitchens in direct sunlight, consider lighter hues that will not get as hot to the touch. We recommend metallic finishes for added sparkle and shine in the sun, making your kitchen a beautiful focal point.

Sandstone is a neutral light beige, perfectly pairing with a variety of other colors.

Carlsbad Canyon is an earthy medium brown that is inspired by desert canyons.

White Silk is a glossy, creamy off-white that is an elegant alternative to pure white.

Champagne 304 and 302 are metallic neutral shades that will sparkle in the desert sunlight. Champagne 304 has light sandy pink tones, while Champagne 302 tends toward golden tones.

Neptune Bronze Metallic is a popular brown finish with a bronze metallic sheen.

Metallic Bronze Matte is a brown-grey hue with added shimmer that remains one of our most highly requested finishes.

Truffle is a medium grey that acts as a transition shade to tie your outdoor palette together.

Endless Design Freedom

We manufacture our cabinetry in hundreds of sizes and dozens of styles for seemingly endless kitchen layouts. These options give you the freedom to choose any layout, from a straight run to a G shaped outdoor kitchen. You can include a variety of appliances and amenities too, like grills, pizza ovens, fridges, and more.

Best of all, you can easily incorporate other outdoor entertainment features adjacent to your outdoor kitchen space. Some of the most popular additions include seating areas, pools, and fireplaces. For a fully functional outdoor cooking and entertainment space, Danver has the solution.

Outdoor kitchens in the desert Southwest will remain durable and beautiful with the right considerations, materials, and colors. Our stainless steel cabinetry is the best choice for desert durability. You will have the flexibility to incorporate virtually any appliance and amenity, while conforming to requirements of your space. With an added powder coat finish, your kitchen will have minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime.

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