Solutions for Small Outdoor Kitchens

A small outdoor kitchen is limited in size, but it is certainly not limited in possibilities for your outdoor living space. Even with 10 or less feet of space, you have multiple options for a beautiful and functional grilling station. Although small kitchens have more limitations, you can easily include the necessities for an outdoor cooking and food prep station.

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of solutions for your small outdoor kitchen area. For popular locations such as a backyard, balcony, or deck, you can choose from traditional stainless steel cabinetry or outdoor tables. Our outdoor solutions can be modified to suit your needs, giving you a cooking area that is truly tailored to you.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Considerations

A small outdoor kitchen has certain considerations for an effective and functional design. Safety, functionality, and durability are the most important qualities for your outdoor kitchen. Factors like location, style, color, and features are all important things to keep in mind as well.


Certain locations have safety requirements in accordance with local laws and codes. For instance, balconies often have restrictions on open flames. If your outdoor kitchen is on a deck, you should not place a grill up against a flammable structure. You will also want to consider ventilation options in any enclosed space.

A stainless steel Danver Outdoor Kitchen can be installed virtually anywhere, but following local codes is a must. If your outdoor kitchen cannot be installed against a solid wall, our finished side and back panels give you placement freedom.

Styles and Colors

A modern and clean aesthetic is the most effective style for a small space. Choose clean lines, simple styles, elegant colors, and metallic finishes to enhance the brightness of the space. These design choices will reflect light and make your space appear larger.

Our range of powder coat finishes for our stainless steel cabinets includes the perfect hues for your space. Adding a powder coat will reduce maintenance as well. Sophisticated door styles like the flat Hampton and sleek Venice will guarantee that your small space makes a big impact.


To make your outdoor kitchen design more practical, you should include a cooking appliance and other amenities. While a small kitchen is restricted in size, choosing a brand like Danver gives you the flexbility to include necessities.

A small cooking station should include a cooking appliance, as well as drawers and shelves for storage space. Besides for base cabinets, we manufacture wall cabinets for additional storage, especially in spaces where flooring real estate is limited. Other convenient amenities include sink and trash cabinets for easy food prep and cleanup.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Solutions

If you have a small living area for an outdoor kitchen, consider the stainless steel solutions offered by Danver. Whether you are seeking a straight run of cabinetry or an outdoor cooking table, we have the solution for you.

Traditional Cabinetry: Straight Run

A common setup for a small space is a straight run of cabinetry. Our cabinet boxes are available in hundreds of sizes in 3” increments, allowing for a design that fits any space. If your space allows other amenities, an optional sink and trash will make your outdoor kitchen more convenient.

Our grill cabinets are manufactured with custom trim kits to house almost every model and size of grill. We also offer a range of appliance cabinets for smokers, power burners, or other stainless steel appliances.

Traditional Cabinetry: L-Shaped Layout

Another popular option for a small outdoor kitchen is an L-shaped layout, which offers more flexibility than a straight run. This layout shape allows for additional features and an expanded prep and cooking area.

L-shaped layouts typically have more design freedom with appliances and amenities. If you are interested in an L-shaped layout, our in-house design team can help you design a functional kitchen.

Cosmopolitan Table Collection

For small spaces with more size and cooking restrictions, our brand new outdoor Cosmopolitan Table Collection is the perfect solution. Like our cabinetry, our tables offer durable powder coated stainless steel construction, with the quality that you expect from Danver.

This collection is available in multiple offerings, including an outdoor cooking table. The cooking table features innovative induction cooking technology created by Invisacook. The induction cooking technology is a great option for spaces that prohibit open flames or where a grill is impractical.

A stainless steel grilling station is the best solution to meet cooking requirements in small outdoor spaces. When you design your space, be sure to keep certain factors in mind, like location, color, style, and amenities.

To get the most out of your outdoor kitchen investment, choose one of the solutions offered by Danver. A straight run of cabinetry or an L-shaped layout are functional choices for your space. If your area has more limitations in place, consider our Cosmopolitan cooking table. Regardless of your needs, you have the freedom to create a beautiful and functional cooking station for your outdoor kitchen space.

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