Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

When designing an outdoor kitchen, the main concerns usually regard color, door style, countertops, amenities and area optimization. While customization options are plentiful for most of these features, one aspect of an outdoor kitchen that cannot be easily changed is the size of the space. Not surprisingly, homeowners may be intimidated by designing their outdoor kitchen area in smaller spaces, as more limitations are in place. However, there are several small outdoor kitchen ideas that can help create a functional and attractive outdoor kitchen.

Here are 5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Measure and visualize your space ahead of time

This first step is essential when you are first planning a kitchen idea in an outdoor space. If you take measurements of your space and plan, you can design the most efficient outdoor kitchen layout to suit your small space. In doing so, you can determine the best cabinet sizes and how certain features and utilities such as a grill, pizza oven, or outdoor bar can fit effectively while being functional. Even cabinet door styles – like the simple, clean designs that Danver offers – give the advantage of making a small outdoor kitchen appear larger, including its dining space.

2. Consider any must-haves – countertop and storage

By determining any must-haves in your outdoor kitchen design, such as the need for counter space or storage, you can create a layout that includes all your requirements without unnecessarily taking up a lot of space. Including the essentials in the planning will allow you to have the features that you require, all while reducing clutter and maximizing the outdoor space as much as possible.

3. Be clever! Storage options, like kitchen islands, are essential in smaller spaces

Make the best use of your small space by finding clever ways to store supplies. An outdoor kitchen island is a perfect option for this purpose, as it is multi-functional. It offers extra counter space to prepare food, a place to gather with friends and family while cooking, and plenty of storage. Additional options like drawers and shelves provide more availability for storing supplies and reducing clutter. Kitchen islands offer a cool and sleek design with all the storage space you’ll need to prepare meals for all of your outdoor dining experiences.

4. When materializing simple outdoor kitchen ideas, choose accessories and colors that will make the space look and feel bigger

Certain well-placed accessories and design elements can make a small outdoor kitchen feel bigger. Lighting, a large mirror, or an outdoor ceiling fan can create a bright, breezy space that will seamlessly blend with the outdoors and make the space feel bigger. Additionally, lighter colors or reflective metallics will reflect more light than darker colors, allowing your space to appear bigger and brighter. Click here for Danver’s powder coat finish color options.

5. Avoid boundaries

While larger spaces may benefit from framing options, such as fencing or lattice, creating boundaries in a small outdoor living space would only serve to close off your space and make it feel smaller. If possible, avoid framing your space and leave your outdoor kitchen open to the outdoors. The benefit will be a bright, open area that will feel large and inviting.

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