L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs We Love

The weather is getting warmer and our thoughts are drifting towards outdoor entertainment. Barbecues, family dinners, and pleasant summer evenings on the patio are just around the corner, and all of these events have one thing in common – the perfect setting for an L-shaped outdoor kitchen. At Danver, we help bring the indoor kitchen to the outdoors.

L-shaped outdoor kitchen plans are ideal for entertaining in the backyard or patio since they are so versatile. They offer a significant amount of counter space for food prep and more without taking up a lot of room, which makes them the ideal outdoor kitchen layout for any sized backyard or patio. Below we highlight some of our favorite L-shaped kitchen ideas for the outdoors.

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Bright Accent Colors

As with any outdoor kitchens, design and finishes can be customized to fit your style. For a fun and unique twist on your L-shaped outdoor kitchen design, add some bright accent colors within the door paneling. We love this outdoor kitchen, which showcases the Sea Glass cabinet door style – stainless steel cabinets with a frosted glass center panel.

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L-shaped outdoor kitchen with bright cabinets

Rooftop Luxury in New York City or any Urban Setting

Set against the exposed brick walls and the dramatic New York skyline, this style of L-shaped outdoor kitchen plans shouts modern luxury. The slate grey of the steel cabinet doors emphasizes the modern, industrial feel, but the functionality of the traditional L-shaped kitchen plans pervades, with a state of the art grill, built-in sink and matching wall cabinets. While an L-shaped kitchen design lends you less outdoor space than a U-shaped kitchen or an outdoor kitchen island, wall cabinets help to maximize storage space, and they blend perfectly with the aesthetic.

Danver Rooftop L-shaped Kitchen_NYC

Family-friendly Fun

One of the things we love most about the L-shaped outdoor kitchen featured below is the seamlessness of the cookware and the strategic use of space. With both a grill and smoker integrated into the design, as well as gratuitous base cabinets (including full-height base cabinets, and single and 3-drawer cabinets), this kitchen doesn’t take up a lot of room, but gets the job done as well as any larger unit. It’s the perfect choice for those with less outdoor living space, or lots of young kids running around.

Outdoor Kitchen with Base Cabinets

Cool and Modern

We love the cool look and feel of this cool L-shaped kitchen layout in Long Island. The outdoor cabinets feature our Hampton Door Style – the solid panel stainless steel door is used on the standard door and drawer front, while the end panels feature a warm grey brick finish. It also features one of our stainless steel outdoor cabinet pulls to give it a great finished look.

The light finish of the outdoor countertops adds to the clean feel of this L-shaped outdoor kitchen, and it’s a perfect contrast against the brightly colored East Coast lawn and garden. Can’t you just imagine guests sitting in the backyard in the high-top chairs in their brightest summer whites with cool beverages in hand? We can. The seating arrangement with this kitchen layout lets the chef interact with guests while cooking some of their favorite grilling recipes. Got an outdoor kitchen idea in mind?

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Cool & Modern L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

Warm and Rustic

L-shaped kitchens have a tendency to reflect newness and modernity. We love the below example because there’s a warmth to it – the grid-patterned backboard and light yellow coloring of the cabinets bring a rustic feel to this L-shaped kitchen design.

The mix of stainless steel appliances and powder coat finished cabinets add depth to the space, while the built-in sink and grill make it incredibly functional. The unique color scheme of this design pairs nicely with the deep wood finish of the floors, and conveys a soft, natural look sure to make your guests feel right at home.

Powder Coated L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a modern and industrial L-shaped kitchen, one that’s more natural and rustic, or something somewhere in between, Danver’s design team can help you build the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space.

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