Outdoor Kitchen Wall Cabinets

The leader in stainless steel kitchen wall units also has an eye for style. The stainless doors and drawer fronts have a #4 brushed vertical grain to provide a rich contemporary look. Danver also offers unique door styles and powder coat options. The modular cabinetry provides designers and home owners with infinite flexibility in design configurations.




Outdoor wall cabinets are available in 3” increments from 12” to 36” wide. Standard heights also start at 15” and go to 42”. The outside dimension is 13” (137 /8 ” including door). Two doors are furnished with cabinets 24” to 36” in width. The line includes diagonal corner and blind corner wall cabinets. Every cabinet is supplied with a top and bottom finished pane. Standard stainless steel pulls are included, upgrades are available for an additional cost. Hinges and screws are included.

Finished side panels are optional and are available in two configurations: flush to the cabinet side and as a 3 /4 ” thick panel flush to the face of the door. Doors may be ordered in different styles and open for glass (OFG). For “low maintenance” requirements, they can be painted in powder coat specified colors. Powder coat versions of several wood species are also available. Wall cabinetry may also be fitted with standard or stainless legs and used as shallow depth base cabinets. 1 – 3 shelves are included, depending on the height of the cabinets.

On all single door cabinets specify right or left hinge. Wall corner units are available as well to fit directly over the coordinating bases. We also offer refrigerator depth (24”) cabinets in a variety of widths and in 12” and 15” heights. Finished end panels, both flush and 3/4” thick are available.



  • WS1536
  • WS1836
  • WS2136
  • WS2436
  • WS2736
  • WS3036
  • WS3336
  • WS3636
  • WS4236


  • MWC2736


  • DCW36


  • WB3036


Example of cabinet item #s above for 36” high cabinets.
Additional cabinet heights available: 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 30”, 42”.

Example: Wall Cabinet part number nomenclature; WS3642: 36” Wide, 42” High Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet    Width    Height
WS                36           42