How to Add Value to Your Home

If you are wondering how to add value to your home, the addition of various amenities and features to your home will do the trick. Consider it as a home improvement project. For instance, you can switch to renewable energy options, add a deck to the back of your house, build a sunroom or garage, put in a pool, or design an outdoor kitchen. While each feature adds value to your home, an outdoor kitchen manufactured by Danver Outdoor Kitchens is an effortless way to provide a variety of benefits. Needless to say, a home improvement project or outdoor kitchen remodel can increase your home’s marketability.

What Does it Mean to Add Value to Your Home?

The meaning of adding “value” to one’s home may be different depending on the person, but it generally takes on the form of financial, social, or personal benefits, all of which are important for increasing your overall enjoyment of your space. Financial value is largely determined by your return on monetary investment. In other words, you will want your home renovation to be worth the cost, generally by choosing quality materials and expert installers to ensure that it sells to home buyers. Social value usually takes the form of entertaining with food and drinks in your space with loved ones, as well as the convenience that is provided. Personal value is based on opportunities to customize your space to reflect your style with colors, accessories, and other personal touches.

Ways to Add Value to Your Home

You can add value to your home in numerous ways, whether through renewable energy solutions, building a deck, landscaping, building an addition (like a sunroom or garage), designing an outdoor kitchen, or building a pool, or improving your home’s exterior. Each home renovation solution offers different measures of home value.

1. Renewable energy

Renewable energy options, such as solar panels, are energy efficient and environmentally conscious. By reducing the cost of energy for your home, you will have more funds available for other home improvement projects.

2. Deck

A deck is a perfect outdoor space for entertaining. You can place your deck off your home or next to your pool with stainless steel appliances to easily host gatherings and parties in your backyard.

3. Sunroom or garage

Both options for additions on your home will add value. A sunroom provides a relaxing, climate-controlled environment with plenty of natural light. A garage is vital for storage space and to keep your vehicles protected.

4. Pool

A pool in your backyard adds a ton of social value. Enjoy relaxing family time outside during the summer or host pool parties with neighbors and friends.

5. Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen manufactured by Danver Outdoor Kitchens adds financial, social, and personal value to your home. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or building one from scratch, a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen is unmatched for the modern conveniences it provides by cooking and entertaining outdoors.

How Danver Can Add Value to Your Home

Danver’s durable and attractive outdoor kitchens will add significant value to your home in all the ways mentioned. Our outdoor kitchens offer a multitude of financial, social, and personal benefits that will increase the overall value of your home and the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Financial home value

Our stainless steel (304 or 316 grade) cabinetry will remain durable for years in virtually every climate. Our UV resistant powder coat finishes will also remain vibrant with minimal upkeep, even during inclement weather. In addition, consulting with Danver’s team of experts will guarantee a high-quality outdoor kitchen design and installation process from start to finish. Best of all, if you decide to sell your home, your home will sell for more money with an outdoor kitchen included. The effort you put into this remodel as the homeowner will enhance your home’s value and attract a potential buyer. The overall result is an increased resale value, resulting in greater return on your financial investment with a durable, long-lasting, and expertly installed outdoor kitchen around your home’s exterior. So, if you’re wondering how to increase your property value, consider an outdoor kitchen from Danver.

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Personal value

Danver’s outdoor kitchens are semi-custom with an array of powder coat colors, door styles, and handle selections. Each opportunity for customization provides you with freedom of expression in your space. Our cabinet types (base, wall, corner, and more) are available in hundreds of sizes as well, meaning seemingly endless layouts for every space. Choosing your outdoor kitchen layout gives you the additional freedom of including other accessories in your space, such as rugs, pillows, and TVS to create the perfect outdoor living room. As such, the color, accessories, and features in your outdoor space can be truly your own.

Social value

While Danver does not manufacture appliances, our appliance cabinets will house nearly every outdoor appliance – giving you the needed storage space, entertaining freedom and convenience to incorporate any appliance from grills to smokers in your outdoor kitchen. Include a bartending station, refrigeration, and more in your outdoor kitchen for the all-in-one convenience of hosting parties with loved ones outdoors. Outdoor seating areas, pools, and firepits provide additional entertainment opportunities by allowing more guests to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

When adding value to your home, you should consider the various outdoor kitchen features you can include and the type of value it will add – whether social, financial, or personal. Designing a Danver outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space will provide multiple benefits through customization opportunities with color, including appliances and amenities, and creating a functional outdoor kitchen layout that will incorporate features like outdoor seating and a pool in your space. The convenience of an outdoor kitchen is unmatched, providing you with an abundance of value to your home for years to come.

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