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5 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

The interest in revamping outdoor living spaces has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years. As outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas increase in popularity, it is important to understand the benefits of including an outdoor kitchen in your space, which range from financial returns to social advantages. By outlining some of these outdoor kitchen benefits in this article, you will realize that adding an outdoor kitchen area to your home is a no-brainer.

Increase in Home Value

A clear benefit for homeowners is the monetary value from adding an outdoor kitchen to the outside of the home. Homes with outdoor kitchens tend to sell for more money than those without outdoor kitchens. In fact, studies indicate that homes with outdoor kitchens sell for approximately 30% more. Other features that you can incorporate into your outdoor space increase the value as well, such as an outdoor fireplace and professional stainless steel appliances. Overall, you are looking at a great return on investment when selling your home by investing in an outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Entertainment

The versatility of an outdoor kitchen area is unrivaled, as you can include every amenity necessary for an enjoyable night in your own backyard, from cocktails to cleanup. Courtesy of your outdoor bar and outdoor fridge, you can mix cold drinks with ease for your family and friends. The inclusion of an island, bar seating, or a dining area will encourage social interactions while the chef prepares dinner. With an outdoor sink and dishwasher, you will find that cleanup is a breeze. Prepare to be the envy of your neighbors as you host the ultimate outdoor parties!


At its core, the perfect outdoor kitchen adds convenience to your lifestyle, especially if your indoor kitchen lacks space or amenities. The ultimate outdoor kitchen has the potential for more conveniences than an indoor kitchen, as the extra space means fewer limitations: options for more creative layouts and a wider selection of amenities. Best of all, the mindful placement and design of your new outdoor kitchen can eliminate the need for your indoor kitchen entirely when hosting outdoor parties and barbecues, as all the required outdoor tools, appliances, and accessories can remain within easy reach.


With many options for materials, colors, accessories, cabinet styles, and door styles, the customizability of an outdoor kitchen is a clear benefit. Consider it an extension of your home by selecting its color, style, and design according to your own personal taste. Decide on the overall aesthetic, and then choose your cabinet powder coat color, the outdoor seating arrangement and furniture, and the placement of the outdoor fireplace, outdoor rugs, and outdoor lighting – resulting in your vision for a beautiful and cohesive outdoor living area.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Especially in today’s climate, spending more time outdoors is a must. Depending on the outdoor kitchen design, materials, and amenities that you include, you can effortlessly prep, cook, and serve grilled meals all year. Spend more quality time with family by gathering for dinner in the great outdoors. Place your outside kitchen near your pool for a boost in family fun in the sun. Any way you look at it, investing in more outdoor time is a benefit for you and your loved ones.

Why Choose Danver for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

As the pioneer and innovator of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, Danver offers the ultimate in outdoor living. When considering the outdoor kitchen benefits, Danver checks all the boxes. Our semi-custom outdoor cabinets are available in dozens of styles and hundreds of sizes in 3” increments, allowing you to incorporate a functional layout in your outdoor space.

While Danver does not manufacture outdoor appliances, we distribute them for the convenience of one-stop shopping. As a bonus, our appliance cabinets are designed to fit virtually every outdoor kitchen appliance and grill from your favorite manufacturer. In addition, our selection of stainless steel outdoor kitchen doors allows you to incorporate your own personal style to the outdoor living space. Choose from our extensive palette of powder coat cabinet finishes for your outdoor cabinets to effortlessly make a neutral or bold statement in your design. From realistic wood grain powder coat finishes to metallics and textures, our outdoor cabinets suit any aesthetic.

Consider the importance of investing in a new outdoor kitchen for your home. Whether you are looking to spend more time outdoors or to add convenience and entertainment value to your lifestyle, Danver’s durable, weather resistant stainless steel cabinets – powder coated in rich, UV resistant colors – will provide you with all the benefits for years to come.

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