Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

When you decide to install an outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space, your plans should include ways to protect your investment. Installing a covering over your outdoor kitchen, such as a canopy, pergola, or gazebo, is one of the best ways to secure all the benefits of your outdoor kitchen. A covering will protect your outdoor kitchen – along with you and your guests – from the outdoor elements like rain, sun, and wind. When planning for your Danver outdoor kitchen, consider covered outdoor kitchen design ideas that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of outdoor cooking, eating, and entertaining in the great outdoors for years to come – and without worrying about the weather!

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

A covered outdoor kitchen design includes a type of structured shelter that provides shade over the space. Some examples of outdoor kitchen structures include a canopy, gazebo, or pergola.


Canopies are simple and inexpensive to install. Choosing a canopy that is significantly larger than your outdoor kitchen area will increase the size of your space and provide shelter for the entire area.


outdoor kitchen gazebo

Gazebos are typically octagon-shaped with a domed roof and support columns. They are often made of wood but can be made of metal with canvas roofs as well. Wooden gazebos can be stained to provide more weather resistance and create an attractive finish.


outdoor kitchen pergola

Pergolas offer shade with more of a decorative element. They are formed with vertical posts, cross-beams, and open lattice. It is popular to grow vines or ivy up the posts and through the lattice. Pergolas are also available with electric open and close features for the roof and the walls.

Other coverings

Other covered outdoor kitchen designs include enclosures with screens or glass, such as a Florida Room. These options can offer complete shade and protection from the outdoor elements and wildlife while allowing sunlight and fresh air into the space.

Considerations for a Covered Outdoor Kitchen

A Danver outdoor kitchen can be designed virtually anywhere but including a covering over your outdoor kitchen space comes with certain considerations, such as layout, rain and snow protection, and ventilation.


For effective coverage, you will want to determine the relationship between the size of your outdoor living space and the size of the covering. If your space already has a covering, choose a functional outdoor kitchen layout that will allow your outdoor kitchen to fit completely underneath the covering with extra space for other amenities and accessories.

Rain and snow protection

A covering will protect your outdoor kitchen space from rain and snow, but proper measures should be taken so rainwater or snow does not collect on your covering or cause flooding issues. Rainwater should be directed away from the house and appliances to avoid flooding or pooling.


When an outdoor kitchen is enclosed or covered, you must ensure there is proper ventilation and airflow for the outdoor grill. An outdoor grill hood is beneficial for this reason, as it will allow grill smoke and toxins to escape to the outside when there is not a sufficient opening above the grill. Some local codes even require a grill hood in covered spaces.

Benefits of a Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Try as we might, we cannot control – or sometimes accurately predict – the weather. While an outdoor kitchen offers a ton of value to your space, the weather factor is one potential downside. Installing a covering will help to mitigate weather effects and allow you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor space even on days with unexpected weather conditions. Coverings or enclosures can offer protection from rain, high wind, and even the sun when it gets to be too much.

Covered Danver Outdoor Kitchens

Deciding to invest in a Danver outdoor kitchen is a big step towards increasing the value of your home and your outdoor living space. Our stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry is durable and attractive, with a variety of available UV resistant powder coat finishes. Our cabinetry is engineered and designed to withstand virtually all weather effects in nearly every climate with minimal maintenance. However, powder coated cabinets and bare stainless steel appliances still require regular upkeep.

While Danver’s outdoor kitchens will remain durable and long-lasting in many climates, covering your outdoor kitchen area is a great option to minimize overall maintenance on both your cabinets and appliances and to offer that extra level of protection. As a bonus, a covering is an attractive accent piece and adds a decorative element to your outdoor living space.

Canopies, gazebos, and pergolas are some of the most common coverings for outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces. Although a Danver outdoor kitchen does not require to be covered, installing a covering is a great way to reduce maintenance and protect your investment so you can enjoy outdoor entertaining long-term.

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