Semi-Custom Outdoor Kitchens: The Danver Difference

Outdoor kitchens are available in a variety of forms, including prefabricated kits and semi-custom designs. These solutions vary in cost, durability, functionality, and options.

“Prefab” kitchens are available in a limited number of sizes with added features like grill cabinets, fridges, and sinks. They are short-term solutions that are typically attractive to budget-conscious consumers and DIYers.

Semi-custom outdoor kitchens offer a ton of value to your home or multifamily property. These products enhance your outdoor living space as a durable, long-term investment. Top brands provide seemingly endless options in colors, styles, and setups for a signature outdoor kitchen.

While prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits are attractive to DIYers, they are not long-term solutions for luxurious outdoor living spaces. For durability and functionality, homeowners and trade professionals continue to choose semi-custom outdoor kitchens from Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. We engineer our stainless steel cabinets for virtually all climates and ensure they last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

The Danver Difference

For over 20 years, Danver has dedicated itself to bringing the indoors out. To that end, we have perfected the design process to create the most luxurious outdoor kitchen spaces. From our cabinetry styles to our colors, we have all the design tools to create your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Since the beginning, we have been offering unrivaled craftsmanship and design freedom. We manufacture our outdoor kitchens in our Connecticut factory and ship them all over the world. To meet the specifications of each project, we make every kitchen to order.

Experience the Danver Difference with all the features and high quality that our customers expect.


One of the most important decisions for your outdoor kitchen project is the cabinetry material. At Danver, we have perfected the use of stainless steel, which is the best material for outdoor cabinetry. Stainless steel is an industry standard for its durability, beauty, and structural integrity.

Our 304 stainless steel cabinetry (316 is also available) mirrors the function and beauty of the finest indoor kitchens. We engineer our cabinetry in hundreds of sizes in 3” increments for a seamless fit and finish. Our grill cabinets, base cabinets, sink cabinets, trash cabinets, and more will house your favorite appliances and amenities.


When designing your kitchen, the dimensions of your outdoor space are an important consideration. With hundreds of sizes and dozens of cabinetry styles, you can design an outdoor kitchen in nearly every size and shape.

L-shaped outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular designs for their flexbility in a range of spaces. For larger kitchens, U-shaped and G-shaped layouts provide some of the best functionality. These layouts offer plenty of space to prep, cook, and entertain.

Colors and Door Styles

With over 40 powder coat finishes, you can easily achieve the look that you want for your outdoor space. We offer textured and glossy finishes, blacks and whites, bright colors, rich natural hues, and even realistic wood grains.

The stainless steel door styles that we offer set us apart from other outdoor living brands. We construct our doors with great attention to detail and design. Our doors are powder coated in individual pieces before constructed, giving you a flawless finish.

Expert Design

Designing a semi-custom outdoor kitchen often requires design assistance. Despite our seemingly endless design possibilities, we want the design process to be easy.

Our team of outdoor kitchen designers will guide you every step of the way through the process. We offer a variety of design tools and other Resources for support. If you are looking to design an outdoor kitchen for your backyard, we will find the best solutions for your space. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of every project – big or small.

The semi-custom outdoor kitchens from Danver are the best solution for the long-term investment in your outdoor space. Our design possibilities will ensure that your final design is true to your vision of your dream outdoor kitchen.

For outdoor kitchen ideas, browse our Projects page to get started on your semi-custom Danver outdoor kitchen.


This article is based on industry knowledge and research by outdoor kitchen design professionals, including our in-house experts and engineers with decades of experience.Our goal at Danver is to provide factual information on relevant topics to help readers make informed decisions about their outdoor living spaces.

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