Built-In Outdoor Grill

Open New Design Possibilities with an Electric, Built-In Outdoor Grill

An outdoor kitchen is a valuable amenity for any property, but not every space is conducive to every type of grill. Local codes often present challenges such as no-open flame ordinances that seem to be prevalent throughout the country. Areas such as rooftops and balconies may be considered fire hazards and, therefore, traditional barbecue grills are prohibited.

However, there are solutions. Today’s flameless, built-in electric outdoor grills offer high-quality, chef-ready options that heat food and perform as well as their built-in natural gas grill, charcoal grill or BBQ grill and other open-flame counterparts. If you’d like to take advantage of your outdoor space, think about the top 5 reasons to invest in an outdoor kitchen.

Below are a few tips to help effectively spec these grills for your next outdoor cooking project:

An Outdoor Grill to Accommodate Any Outdoor Space

Changing the Game to Create More Value

Condo, apartment and multi-family balconies and rooftops have typically been off-limits to be used as a grill area. However, electric flameless grills are getting people out of their indoor kitchen and changing the game for outdoor living. These high quality, electric flameless grills, comply with local open-flame ordinances and safety regulations so you can still take advantage of outdoor cooking appliances and amenities.

This grill option affords you the opportunity to design an outdoor living space that includes a kitchen with a cooking surface and cooking appliances. Since electric grills differ, it is recommended you spec a built-in or stand-alone grill that is certified flameless and is designed to deliver high-quality grilling.

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Built-In Electric Outdoor Grills Withstand the Elements

Maintenance-free Peace of Mind

Adding appliances to an outdoor living space can be a guessing game. Some grills endure Mother Nature like a champ, while others turn into maintenance nightmares. The last thing homeowners want to do is spend valuable time and expense fixing and replacing units that break. Spec an electric grill of the highest quality and design that will not only compliment an outdoor living space but last through future remodels.

Hassle Free ROI

The Best Type of Amenity

You might be asking yourself, “does an outdoor kitchen add value to a home?” Adding amenities to a condo, apartment or other type of multi-family building makes the property attractive to potential buyers or renters and enjoyable to all tenants. Certain amenities such as pools, spas, and gyms may pose a burden to maintain or even go unused by busy residents, requiring time and money to manage without much return to justify the cost. However, adding an electric built-in outdoor grill is an investment that will pay for itself.

Electric outdoor grills provide residents with the freedom to safely cook outdoors and entertain from their balcony, terrace or rooftop. This can help to retain tenants as they find they can enjoy their home year-round making multi-family living a sustainable residential option. If you’re not sure how an outdoor kitchen can be fit onto your property, you might need some Outdoor Kitchen Layout Tips & Tricks.

Natural gas grill, step aside. Electri-Chef stand-alone and built-in outdoor grills are designed and built to last and deliver grilling power customers expect. They are the perfect appliance to install with Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. Made of high quality stainless steel and sporting powerful heating elements, Electri-Chef grills offer durability, user-friendly controls, limited maintenance and nearly 20-years of chef-quality results. Available in multiple grill sizes and models, Electri-Chef stainless steel grills fit any outside entertainment space regardless of kitchen design.

Together, Electri-Chef and Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens present a variety of cooking options to spec for outdoor living space projects.

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