Painless Powder Coat Maintenance

Photo Credit: Chipper Hatter Photography

Spring has arrived, time to ramp up the outdoor entertainment!  Wondering how to keep your beautifully powder coated cabinets from Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens or Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens looking as clean as can be?  Your outdoor kitchen is subject to the obvious exposure to, well… the outdoors!  Varying factors such as ultraviolet light from the sun, inclement weather, air pollution, repeated exposure to man-made conveniences such as sprinklers and Mother Earth’s own critters can all cause imperfections to appear over time on powder coated surfaces (not to mention general wear-and-tear from enjoying your kitchen).  What to do, what to do?

You might be surprised to find that cleaning your powder coated surfaces is as simple as using a mild soap and clean, warm water.  Using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, a gentle scrubbing and then rinsing afterwards is all that is needed for typical maintenance.  Filtered water is best to use since the dissolved solids in hard water can leave their own scum and scale.  A soft-bristled brush is recommended for any stubborn stains.  Commercial cleaners and solvents are best avoided as they contain harsh chemicals which adversely affect the pigments in the powder coat.  For spots that refuse to budge such chemicals could do the trick, but keep in mind that it may clean the powder coat away as well as the spot.

Frequency of cleaning depends on your location and preference, but generally a bi-weekly or monthly wipe down is advised to keep your powder coated surfaces looking their best.  A quick, simple cleaning means more time to enjoy your Danver or Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen!  Cheers!

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