In this week’s pizza blog, we will discuss how to cook pizza on a charcoal-fired smoker. The Saffire Grill and Smoker provides the most exceptional results of any charcoal barbecue available. Its heavy ceramic construction and tight seal lid holds and controls heat to produce delicious gourmet results every time. With thick ceramic walls, the inner firebox walls stay hotter than a typical steel smoker, so there isn’t a messy build-up of grease to be cleaned.

The wide temperature range provided by Saffire allows you to turn this smoker into a wood-fired brick oven for pizza, bread and other foods requiring a wood smoked flavor. A unique feature of this smoker grill is choosing which type of wood you want to enhance the flavor of your food. The charcoal also produces the intense heat to perfectly sear steaks, seafood and chicken. The chip feeder located at the bottom eliminates the need to open the lid during cooking to add wood chips for smoking, and prevents interruption of the cooking cycle and loss of temperature. 

Bring some excitement to your pizza night by cooking on the smoker grill. Not only will you add some new and interesting flavors to a traditional pizza, but you and your guests will be sure to enjoy the final product! Be sure to check out our cabinetry page to find out which smoker cabinet base will fit in your outdoor kitchen design!

saffire_grill_dimensions.pngpizza smoker 2

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