Stunning Outdoor Kitchen - Learn the Cons of a DIY Outdoor Kitchen

The Disadvantages of a DIY Outdoor Kitchen

As you consider investing in a Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen or another brand for your outdoor living space, you may be thinking “I can do this myself.”  After all, in the age of YouTube instructions – it should be a breeze.

Think again.  Even in the simplest of projects, you must consider factors such as materials, size, layout, design, color, positioning in the outdoor space, appliances, installation, local building codes, and all their associated details. Instead of taking on the task as your own DIY outdoor kitchen project, we recommend turning to an architect, designer, landscaper, or other professional who can help bring your signature outdoor kitchen design to life.

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Although it might seem simple to choose a cabinet material or color for your outdoor kitchen setup, determining the differences in materials requires experience and knowledge. Otherwise, you run the risk of choosing a material that will not hold up well for a long time outdoors, such as wood, brick, or plastic. Danver manufactures the most durable and beautiful cabinets for outdoor kitchens from 100% stainless steel that can be powder coated in many different colors, textures, and wood grain finishes for a kitchen idea. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets also have plenty of features, such as drawers with double-wall construction and full extension, self-close/soft-close technology, doors complete with rain gaskets and magnetic closures, as well as back and end panels, which gives the kitchen design and cabinetry a finished look. This attention to detail and engineering capability far surpasses any possibilities for a Do-It-Yourself project. In other words, talk to the experts about your outdoor kitchen idea to avoid problems occurring.

1. Deciding on Your Design: Size, Layout, and Positioning

It is important to determine the appropriate size, layout, and positioning for your outdoor kitchen so that it seamlessly fits your outdoor space. Architects and designers have valuable resources and experience with creating very detailed and even 3D layouts to ensure fit and function for your rooftop, patio or backyard kitchen. These tools also aid in kitchen positioning by determining the best location and position of appliances based on factors such as access points, sunrise and sunset, and location relative to other structures or amenities (like a house or a pool). This process will also help to visualize your  outdoor kitchen idea before it is built. Collectively, our sales/design team at Danver has decades of experience with the nuances of designing and installing outdoor kitchens – their experience, coupled with that of a design professional, will give you the best possible results.

2. Functional Appliances and Amenities

Choosing the correct appliances and sizes is crucial to a functional kitchen for an easy, enjoyable food prep and cooking experience. You may be too eager to put up a fire pit, or set up an outdoor bar and grill kitchen, but you may not realize all the amenities available to you or you may choose appliance sizes that do not fit your backyard, patio or rooftop. Although Danver does not manufacture appliances, we distribute a wide selection of high quality appliances and amenities for one-stop shopping convenience.  Our team can also provide recommendations for an outdoor grill based on sizes and other outdoor kitchen features that will work well in your design. In addition, our appliance cabinets fit almost any manufacturer’s outdoor appliance. Unlike with an outdoor kitchen DIY project, professional consultation will provide you with all your appliance options to make your dining area and outdoor cooking space as functional as possible.

3. Proper Installation and Local Building Codes

Installing an outdoor kitchen can be a tricky process without expertise. Due to natural elements such as wind, certain considerations must be made to maintain structural integrity and durability while following local building codes. In high wind areas, it is often a requirement to secure the cabinets to an immovable structure. It is also vital to make sure that cabinets are level, square, and plumb so that doors and drawers can open and close properly. Even though Danver cabinets are delivered pre-assembled and with professional instructions, working through a professional will ensure that codes and regulations are being followed. In short, turning to professionals will guarantee that the bases are covered for a seamless installation process from start to finish.

Building an outdoor kitchen area on your own may seem tempting in the age of Do-It-Yourself instructions. As we discuss in this article, there are many factors to consider, and we highly recommend leaving your DIY outdoor kitchen ideas up to the experts. They can guide you through every step of your kitchen design, ensuring that the only thing you need to “do yourself” – or preferably with family and friends – is fully enjoying your dream outdoor living space! Let us help transform the outdoor living space today!

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How to Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen

Powder coating stainless steel is the best way to protect your cabinets from the outdoor elements. A powder coat finish protects your outdoor kitchen from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and muriatic acid and shields them from the elements such as ocean salt, rain and snow, heat and cold, even the desert sun!
Powder coated surfaces offer more durability than standard liquid paint finishes – making your cabinets more resistant to scratching, chipping, wearing, and fading. Powder coating your stainless steel also helps to ensure that the colors stay bright and vibrant longer.

Other ways to help protect the appliance and amenities from the outside elements:

  • Timber frame shades – Gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions are great choices if you want shade without feeling too constricted. It keeps the open air ambiance but still with a sense of enclosure.
  • Market Umbrellas – Market umbrellas can come in different strengths and coverage. They have the lift, tilt, and rotating mechanism for easy adjustment depending on the time of the day. You can decorate them with LED lights at night to keep your outdoor fun going.
  • Solariums – A solarium brings in natural light with a great panoramic view of the outdoors and, at the same time, controls the temperature of the space.

This article is based on industry knowledge and research by outdoor kitchen design professionals, including our in-house experts and engineers with decades of experience.Our goal at Danver is to provide factual information on relevant topics to help readers make informed decisions about their outdoor living spaces.

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