Danver-Stainless-Outdoor-Kitchens-Photo-300x225People always say the heart of the home is in the kitchen, so why not take advantage of having multiple kitchens? Fully enjoy your outdoor living area by landscaping to accent the beauty a Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen has to offer.

Here are a few tips that can turn up the heat on any outdoor living space:



  • Eye-catching, stone tile trails placed in the grass create a beautiful pathway connecting the kitchen area to the rest of your backyard. Selecting stones that match or accent pieces in your kitchen will ensure a fluid design aesthetic in your backyard. You may choose to directly match the stones used in your pathway to the countertop, or for a bit of contrast, you could select a complementary color stone to the powder coated cabinetry or countertop.
  • Bring life into your outdoor kitchen, literally! What better way to enjoy fresh produce and herbs than planting them near your outdoor kitchen? Small container gardens lining the countertops provide a touch of serenity to any kitchen. The options are endless when it comes to selecting what to grow; any green herb can help soften the appearance of a more traditional stainless kitchen, and just imagine the look with powder coated cabintery. Fresh produce planted adjacent to or even surrounding an outdoor kitchen provides natural pops of vibrant colors to your outdoor space.
  • Flowers are a simple and elegant way to bring living color to an outdoor kitchen. Hanging planters filled with vibrant flowers above a neutral countertop really helps complete the design of your outdoor kitchen. If you want to take your outdoor design to the next level, plant the flowers into a beautiful garden leading to or surrounding the kitchen area. Zinnias are a great example of a durable flower that can liven up dull outdoor areas and brighten earth-toned kitchens.

For more ideas on how you can get the most out of your outdoor kitchen space, fill out the contact form to learn how you can get started designing your space with Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens.

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