Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space: Rooftop Kitchens

The latest trend in rooftop living spaces has grown from gardens into complete living spaces, with the outdoor kitchen becoming the focal point for entertainment in cityscapes across the country.  A well-dressed rooftop can instantly expand your living area, offering homeowners and guests even more square footage to enjoy the outdoors.\

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Recently, rooftop kitchens have become popular because of the convenience.  Having the ability to host even more company on a private rooftop terrace is more appetizing than ever with full-scale outdoor kitchens as the centerpiece to entertaining. Appliances and outdoor kitchen accessories like grills, beverage centers and refrigerators can be installed to provide easy access to food and drinks. Stainless steel cabinetry, powder coated with color or woodgrain finishes from Danver withstands the elements, leaving maintenance to a monthly soap and water wash on powder coated cabinetry.

We asked Cori Schramm, Lead Designer at Atlantic Outdoor Living in Westhampton Beach, NY, more about this maximization of space. Their business has seen an uptick in rooftop decks, bars, patios and lush garden spaces built on rooftops all over Manhattan, an entertainer’s paradise.

“My clients love their rooftop kitchens when entertaining, especially in multi-level homes in New York City.It’s especially convenient to have everything needed for cooking, serving, entertaining all in one space instead of walking up and down flights of stairs to retrieve it.”

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Cities are not the only location seeing growth in rooftop living spaces. Lakefront and oceanfront homes with stunning water views are taking advantage of the trend by incorporating outdoor kitchens in their builds and remodels.  This rooftop kitchen in Boston (below) is a shining example that geographic location does not deter from year-round rooftop entertainment and enjoyment. Heaters or fire features can warm the space while guests are able to continually enjoy the atmosphere.


Remodeling or rebuilding a rooftop patio, deck or hardscape into a fully functional outdoor living and entertainment space is an investment worth making, not only for the homeowner, but for the family and friends it stands to serve over time.  When it comes to color, design and style, Danver provides the inspiration needed to create an outdoor living space that fits any space, anywhere outside the home.


Author: Lauren Rua 8/2016
Credits: Atlantic Outdoor Living, NY | Sudbury Kitchen & Bath, MA
Photos: Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography

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