Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Take Over as 2014’s Breakthrough Home-Design Trend


2014 has seen its fair share of fads—some more redeeming than others. While twerking has been making parents cringe all across the United States, another type of trend is redefining luxury home design: outdoor kitchens.

Cooking outside has always been part of American tradition; it’s a way to spend time with family friends, eat delicious food and enjoy the outdoors. Complete with a modern bar and all the kitchen appliances a hobby or professional chef could want, these kitchens offer the perfect way to make guests happy.

It’s tough to imagine how impressive these outdoor areas truly are without seeing them firsthand. One of Connecticut’s most renowned outdoor-kitchen manufacturers, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, hosts a website that offers an eye-opening glimpse into the incredible power of modern architecture.

These kitchens feature stainless-steel outdoor cabinets, smokers, refrigerators, grills and plenty of counter space. Other options include ice makers and beverage dispensers.

An Outdoor Kitchen Is Customizable With Incredible Add-ons

Over the last decade, outdoor kitchens have been growing more popular, but today’s outdoor kitchen designs offer far more than their predecessors. While stainless-steel outdoor cabinets add a level of sleekness to the look, ceramic glazed lava stone adds a touch of Italian flavor.

For many homeowners, no outdoor cooking area is complete without a bar. Whether you’re entertaining two or 20 guests, there’s a bar design that fits each homeowner’s preferences.

One popular style, the Glastender Home Cocktail Station, offers all the space and features necessary to host a memorable cocktail party. There’s a beverage-preparation counter, along with a well to hold iced bottles. These sit above outdoor kitchen cabinets, which offer plenty of space to store cutting boards, knives, jiggers and other tools of the trade.

Other bar designs include the Alfresco and the Solaire. Both are available in various sizes to complement the needs of the bartender.

After seeing how outdoor kitchens can completely reshape the look and feel of a backyard, it’s easy to see why they’re growing so popular among homeowners. In 2014, this new trend is helping people bring the excitement of an outdoor restaurant and al fresco dining to homes across the nation.

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