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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

As the weather cools down and sunlight hours are reduced, lighting options in your outdoor kitchen will be even more important for enjoyable nighttime outings. Depending on your budget and requirements for your space, plenty of outdoor lighting options are available for a variety of purposes. By including proper lighting in your durable stainless steel Danver outdoor kitchen, your outdoor space will remain functional all year round and for years to come.

Lighting and Design Options

outdoor kitchen lighting option

Designing indoor spaces involves being mindful of how your features and design elements will coexist with one another. Your outdoor living area space is no different in this regard. When creating your outdoor living space, you should consider the features that you want to include. Your lighting requirements (e.g., ambient lighting near appliances or overhead lighting) are especially important for functional use of your outdoor kitchen and should cater to your specific cooking and entertaining styles.

As with any outdoor features, resistance against humidity, moisture, and the weather are important for both function and safety. Any adequate lighting options that you choose should be outdoor-rated for these reasons. For the best function in the outdoors, you will likely want to incorporate more than one lighting option in various locations in your outdoor living space. Consider the options below to make the best use of your outdoor kitchen.

Recessed lighting, track lighting, and string lighting. Any of these options work well if your outdoor kitchen has a structural covering (e.g., gazebo) or is in a Florida or transitional room. Choose recessed lighting if you are seeking a sleek, modern look. Track lighting will allow you to move the position and location of your lights for added versatility. For a lowkey and laid back atmosphere, string lighting is a popular choice as well.

Undercounter lighting. For a subtle way to enhance the look of your space, undercounter lighting can help to illuminate appliances and bar seating areas to provide additional lighting for nighttime cooking and eating. Undercounter lighting is available with LED bulbs and multicolor options too, adding fun and customizability to your space.

Ceiling fan with light fixture. A ceiling fan with a light fixture is especially useful in humid environments that benefit from better airflow. The enhanced function of a ceiling fan with a lighting fixtures will provide the benefit of both cooling down and adding light on those humid nights spent outdoors.

Fireplace and fire table. Fireplaces and fire tables offer a classic touch to your outdoor space, with a cozy ambience ambiance and warmth on chilly nights. While either one will not provide much light on their own, they are great additions near your outdoor seating area for a relaxing post-dinner social space.

Danver Outdoor Kitchen with Attractive Lighting Options

Your Danver outdoor kitchen is engineered to last for many years in the outdoors and is built to withstand virtually all weather conditions with limited maintenance. To complete your outdoor living area space and maximize its function, you will want to incorporate attractive lighting options for those short days and chilly nights. By consulting with our design experts, you can effortlessly design your outdoor kitchen with proper lighting requirements in mind. Choosing Danver means you are choosing the pioneer in stainless steel outdoor kitchens, and your space will include a variety of attractive features:

  •   Durable 304 or 316 stainless steel cabinetry in hundreds of sizes and seemingly endless layout options.
  •   Design freedom to include outdoor kitchen lighting ideas and multiple amenities.
  •   A team of Danver experts to help with every step of the design process.
  •   A range of UV resistant powder coat finishes to reduce maintenance and enhance style.
  •   Appliance cabinets to house virtually every outdoor appliance.

Including lighting options in your Danver outdoor kitchen will make it a functional and desirable outdoor space all year round. Designing your space with lighting options in mind will enhance your cooking and entertaining capabilities in the outdoors. With Danver’s design versatility as reflected in its wide selection of powder coated cabinetry and outdoor sink cabinets, you can effortlessly incorporate any of the lighting options that you require, from recessed lighting to a fireplace, and enjoy your outdoor space on any day of the year. Contact us to get started with your outdoor kitchen project today!

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