Powder Coat Cabinet Finishes to Accent Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

There are seemingly endless options when designing your outdoor kitchen space. A simple, yet effective design technique is to consider powder coating the cabinetry with color or a realistic wood grain look to help accentuate any existing architecture, décor or landscaping. Rather than keeping a traditional stainless steel look, Danver has a number of powder coat cabinet finishes available that are applied directly to the stainless steel, creating the perfect look for your design.

Danver-Finishes-3-300x225A landscape design that heavily relies on colorful floral aspects can be accented with an exceptionally realistic wood grain powder coat finish such as Chestnut or American Maple. When the flowers are in full bloom in the warmer months, your wood grain finished cabinets will provide the perfect calming balance to the colorful notes of the landscaping for a serene outdoor living experience. In the cooler months when less flowers are in bloom, the warmth of the wood grain finish will brighten the space.

More specifically, landscapes surrounding outdoor kitchens in coastal regions typically remain green and colorful year round. A Bamboo finish perfectly plays into a resort ambiance while also protecting your kitchen from chemicals such as chlorine from the pool or salt, sand from the ocean.

If your outdoor kitchen space has a more neutral color scheme overall, you may opt for a bold cabinet finish to enhance the design. The Copper Hammertone finish not only contrasts in color with greys and beiges, it also delivers an exciting texture to an otherwise pacified outdoor kitchen space. Other finishes, such as Beetle or Redwood, can provide the pop of color needed to bring your outdoor kitchen to life.

The same idea applies to outdoor kitchen

spaces with a busier design. Neutral
finishes like Champagne 304, Carlsbad Canyon Brown or even White-Washed Wood add a luxuriously simple touch that will blend effortlessly with intricate stone, tile flooring and colorful décor.

Whether you are focusing on the landscaping, the decking, the flooring or the décor, Danver has the powder coat finish that will tie your beautiful space together.

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