Project Planning for the Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens have really made a name for themselves in the world of outdoor living. Industry professionals from landscape architects to traditional interior designers are choosing to incorporate kitchen cabinets in their backyard designs – and they’re doing it well. The key to a perfect outdoor living area is the ability to allow the landscape to complement the living space, in our case, the kitchen. We have put together a project planning checklist that we hope will assist you in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen – or at least inspire you to take the next step.


Initial Planning

  • How will the kitchen be incorporated into your existing outdoor living space? Let the land complement your design.
  • Take note of how you cook.  This will help you layout your workspace – the cabinetry, grill and refrigerator, and if you choose to include them, your sink, dishwasher and additional cooking appliances.
  • Make sure to plan out the placement of your grilling appliances. Don’t forget to factor in the wind, which may force smoke into your house or dining areas, or create the need to incorporate a ventilation hood (like your indoor kitchen).
  • Do you want the kitchen to be fully functioning with a sink and/or natural gas? If so, make sure you check building codes and take the proper steps to properly install plumbing, gas and electric.

Selecting Features

  • Choose your appliances based on your cooking style and favorite foods.  What will you cook in your outdoor kitchen?
  • What kind of entertaining will you do?  Is a bartending station right for you?  If so, you may want to consider adding an extra sink, larger refrigerator, ice maker, wine cooler and/or beer dispenser.
  • Have you considered a pizza oven? They provide an element that is both interesting and entertaining, and come in various ways to be fired.
  • What type of countertop best fits your needs?  Danver offers an exclusive, beautiful Italian Glazed Lava Stone that can be used as table tops, countertops and island tops.
  • Type of grill – charcoal, gas, infrared, or ceramic smoker, power burner, pizza oven, or something else.

You can design your outdoor kitchen as basic or lavish as you desire. These bullet points just scratch the surface when it comes to planning your outdoor living space.  Let Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens help you take the steps needed to create the perfect space. Give us a call (203-269-2300) or email us ( today and get started on your new outdoor kitchen!

This article is based on industry knowledge and research by outdoor kitchen design professionals, including our in-house experts and engineers with decades of experience.Our goal at Danver is to provide factual information on relevant topics to help readers make informed decisions about their outdoor living spaces.

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