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U Shaped Outdoor Kitchens

Are U shaped outdoor kitchens designs the right layout for your outdoor space? Use this guide to help you decide!

An important consideration when designing your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen is the shape of the layout. Depending on the size of the outdoor living space and the goals that you have for the area, different kitchen design layouts may work better. That being said, the layout design that is the most universally beneficial is a U shaped layout. A U shaped kitchen has three sides lined with cabinets and/or appliances, which forms the U shape.

Here, we highlight the pros and cons of this design, the similarities between having a U shaped indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen, why these similarities are a benefit to choosing this layout for your outdoor kitchen, and how to design your own U shaped outdoor kitchen.

Pros of U Shaped Kitchens

U shaped kitchens are beneficial for outdoor entertaining, workspace, and efficiency. When appliances are placed effectively, the U shape provides the coveted “work triangle” that maximizes efficiency for food preparation. A “work triangle” encompasses the refrigerator, sink, and stove (or built in grill) in a triangle shape. This type of design is considered to be the most effective option for food prep and cooking meals. A U shaped kitchen also provides the most amount of countertop space, due to having three lines of outdoor kitchen cabinets. This design has plenty of room for food prep and serving, allowing for an easier and less stressful entertaining experience. The large amount of workspace, combined with the effectiveness of the layout, make this design optimal for entertaining family and guests.

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Cons of U Shaped Kitchens

Some of the drawbacks of a U shaped kitchen include reduced floor space and appliances being too close together. Since you have a smaller area to move around, this kitchen layout can be difficult if more than one person is trying to use the kitchen at the same time. Additionally, this layout has limitations on where you can place certain appliances. You must be mindful that they are not too close together. For instance, if you place two appliances near each other or near drawers, they may be cumbersome to open, and you risk doors and/or drawers hitting each other. Fortunately, Danver has a wide selection of stainless steel cabinets. These outdoor kitchen cabinets come in dozens of styles and multiple widths, allowing you to maximize the use of the space and eliminate nonfunctional designs. Also, while we don’t manufacture appliances, we can help you to decide on the best appliance cabinets and make appliance recommendations for your U shaped outdoor kitchen.

U Shaped Indoor Kitchens vs. Outdoor Kitchens

Indoor and outdoor kitchens have some inherent differences, such as the types of appliances that can be used. For instance, you wouldn’t have a grill indoors. Additionally, indoor kitchen cabinets tend to made of wood, whereas an outdoor kitchen is best suited with powder coated stainless steel.

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However, in terms of kitchen layout and design, indoor and outdoor kitchens are very similar. A U shaped kitchen is the most universally beneficial layout, regardless of whether your kitchen is inside or outside. U shaped outdoor kitchens function in the same way as indoor kitchens, as they require the same effectiveness of workspace for cooking and entertaining. Your outdoor kitchen can include a sink, refrigerator, and grill as well, giving you that sought after “work triangle”. As such, just as it is the best type of design for your indoor kitchen, it will also be the best for your outdoor kitchen.

How to Build a U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

  • Determine location. Decide the best area to place your U shaped outdoor kitchen, being mindful of ease of access, other nearby structures, and the size of the space.
  • Visualize the layout. Design your U shaped outdoor kitchen ideas to help you visualize how the layout will look in your chosen space before you begin building. Are you including a seating area, will you need a lot of counterspace for cooking? These are things to consider for you outdoor entertaining area.
  • Create a timeline. Do you want your kitchen to be completed by a certain time? Creating a timeline will help you to stay on track and on budget as you meet your goals.
  • Get inspired. Check out our outdoor kitchen gallery for inspiration! Choose colors that will complement your space and enhance your style.
  • Start building. Ready to start building your U shaped outdoor kitchen? Email Danver Sales for more information, and give us a call today!

We are happy to help bring your kitchen ideas to life in your backyard. With Danver’s stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets, your outdoor living area will impress family, friends and guests. It also increases the value to your home.

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