Wood Grain Wonders for Your Outdoor

Whether considering furniture, decking or storage, many homeowners love the natural look of wood, but the maintenance required to sustain its
beauty and durability can be a big turn off. Well, now we are presenting homeowners with the best of both worlds in our stainless steel outdoor
kitchen cabinetry available in a variety of powder coat wood grain finishes, which bring color, style and design to the outdoors!

Applied directly to stainless steel, the collection of wood grain finishes have a very realistic appearance, but will not warp, split or crack. The powder
coat process also allows for protection against harsh chemicals such as chlorine, ocean salt and muriatic acid. As a result, our wood grain finishes can
provide the same warmth as real wood but require little-to-no maintenance.

Get the wood grain appeal with the low-maintenance, long-lasting stainless steel function. See our powder coat wood grain options below!


Drift is our newest finish. Inspired by driftwood, it features a natural gray tone, which has been a popular trend within the design community; for
kitchens in particular. This new option is perfect for coastal regions, especially in the New England-area.


Chestnut’s dark brown appearance features wide horizontal veining, providing a great visual aesthetic.

Cherry Flame

Cherry Flame has a pattern that appears to oscillate like the rippling waves on a beach. A New England home with cedar siding may complement this
cabinetry well.

American Maple

American Maple would be a perfect fit for home in Southwestern America due to its terracotta tone, similar to that of the red-brown roof tiles used
on many Spanish-style homes.


Go tropical with the rectangular-patterned, light yellow and brown Bamboo finish.

White Washed Wood

The cool tone and smooth texture of the White Wash finish captures the look of White Poplar or Quaking Aspen tree bark.

Table Beech

Table Beech has a very smooth, light appearance that is easy on the eyes, reminiscent of Scandinavian design.


Burlwood’s swirling patterns has a red-brown, whimsically-warm beauty, similar to that of redwood sequoia trees.


Teak has slim, horizontal lines that show consistency for a more sleek appearance mixed with the traditional wood grain texture.

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