Outdoor Kitchens for Commercial & Multi-Family Properties

Danver has been manufacturing stainless steel cabinets for outdoor kitchens and other outdoor spaces for nearly 20 years. By focusing on function, design, color and style, we have established ourselves as the leader in transforming simple outdoor areas into fully functional outdoor entertainment spaces. Our stainless steel cabinets help create functional outdoor entertainment spaces for single-family residential properties, as well as multi-family and commercial properties.
The amenities included in multi-family and commercial buildings impact the bottom line for years to come. With increased competition, the differentiating factor is often the building’s amenities. Properties with dated or no amenities at all may be less desirable and therefore, not as valuable. Danver offers a variety of outdoor amenity solutions including our Post and Panel System (PPS), the Assembled Outdoor Kitchen (AOK) and our Mobile Food and Beverage Service Carts that can turn any area on the property into a gathering space.

See the latest offerings in Multi-Family solutions, including sample layouts.

See the latest offerings in Multi-Family
solutions, including sample layouts.

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Specifically, our designers and engineers developed the unique Post and Panel System (PPS) to meet the unique needs of common-areas in the multi-family or commercial environment. The PPS provides needed countertop space without additional storage, while encompassing the aesthetics of our traditional cabinetry. With panels that are easily removed and replaced, even with a countertop in place, the PPS is designed for the wear and abuse often associated with multi-family common areas. Used as a stand-alone island or seamlessly integrated with our traditional cabinet line, PPS equips designers, architects and developers with seemingly unlimited configuration options. PPS provides a cost effective and flexible design option.

If your next project requires an outdoor amenity solution that is mobile, Danver has the perfect answer – the Mobile Food and Beverage Service Cart. These carts, originally manufactured for the hospitality industry, are finding a home in multi-family and commercial applications. While apartment complex staff is rolling grills and other cooking carts to pool decks for summer barbecues, commercial management teams are using mobile bar carts to enhance Friday afternoon social gatherings.

Expertly engineered and manufactured from tubular steel and aluminum, the outdoor mobile food and beverage service carts are available in customizable configurations for multi-family, commercial and hospitality developers world-wide. These innovative units are designed for durability, beauty, maneuverability, and functionality and are popular as beverage carts, bars, cooking stations, prep areas or entertainment hubs.

To meet the needs of multifamily architects, designers and developers creating the ultimate outdoor, Danver developed the Assembled Outdoor Kitchen (AOK).

The AOK is a prefabricated outdoor kitchen that can be craned to the balcony as a single unit, positioned, connected and ready to use as an entertainment space. Each AOK is configured in conjunction with the architect, designer or developer for a specific project and is built to order in multiples for individual apartments within a multifamily community. AOKs typically contain a grill (propane, gas or electric) on a grill base, a trash pull cabinet and additional storage, but can be customized with any of our cabinets or appliances, including refrigerators, bartending centers and more.

Danver – Customized For Each Individual Project

Each project is built to order, ensuring the style, design and color are specific to each that outdoor space. With the exception of the PPS system, the AOK, Mobile Food & Beverage Service Carts and our stainless steel cabinets are delivered fully assembled and engineered for easy installation so that the new outdoor space will be ready for use in no time. Worried about appliances? Don’t be! Our stainless steel cabinets fit any manufacturer’s outdoor appliance; grills, smokers, side burners, sinks, bartending units and more.

Let us help you design your dream outdoor kitchen!