Ceramic Egg Smoker Appliance Cabinets

Cabinets to fit ceramic egg cookers With the perfect combination of function and style, Danver’s stainless steel appliance cabinets are designed to accommodate ceramic egg smokers of any size.

Also known as a kamado grill, ceramic egg smokers, or grills, are one of the fastest growing outdoor cooking appliances. Often referred to as green eggs, these outdoor ovens have the functionality of a smoker, grill, and roaster. If you ask any outdoor kitchen aficionado, a kamado-style cooker is a must-have appliance.

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets for Kamado Style Cookers

When designing your outdoor kitchen, we recommend installing base cabinets below egg smokers for additional storage and support. Made from top quality stainless steel, our appliance base cabinets are durable and can be powder coated to match the style of your outdoor kitchen cabinets.

All Danver egg smoker base cabinets are reinforced to support the weight of green egg smokers, which can exceed 200 lbs! Additionally, each egg smoker cabinet includes an appliance-specific trim kit to ensure a proper fit.

Danver’s base cabinet models that fit these ceramic grills:

  • OEB2702 H22
  • OEB3302 H22

For the most accurate quote, please provide the manufacturer’s name and specifications or contact our design team directly at (203) 269-2300.

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