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From recipes to design ideas to project profiles, the Outdoor Kitchen blog by Danver features articles and ideas to enhance your outdoor living experiences. Peruse through our collection of blog posts for inspiration, design tips, recipes, and new products to expand your outdoor kitchen knowledge and get motivated to start designing your very own outdoor living space!

Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

As the leaves turn and the air begins to chill, we’re reminded to prepare for the coming transitions. Whether you’re ahead of the game and have already readied your home for the colder months or just starting, now is the perfect time to get your outdoor kitchen...

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Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning: The Salty Truth

Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning: The Salty Truth

Whether you own a vehicle, boat, or in this case, an outdoor kitchen, if it’s located in an area where the metal is exposed to an extreme salty or chlorinated environment, over time you will experience rust.  While we boast a nearly maintenance-free solution in...

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Backyard Oasis

The typical backyard these days doesn’t just incorporate a barbecue grill and a seating vignette, now it offers an all-encompassing living area designed to have the same amenities as interior spaces. More and more, outdoor areas include fully-functional outdoor...

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