Nowadays, bringing the “indoors out” is about more than just an outdoor kitchen. It’s about designing an outdoor living experience that is centered around cooking and entertaining. When creating your outdoor space, the possibilities are numerous, with options to include outdoor living rooms, kitchen islands, or design a kitchen in many different spaces – on a patio, in a backyard, or on a city rooftop kitchen.

One popular way to complete your luxurious outdoor living area is to design a Danver outdoor kitchen alongside your swimming pool. If you already have a pool, including a Danver outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to create a backyard oasis with plenty of amenities, as your entertainment is only steps away from your kitchen area. This outdoor living design allows you to entertain friends, family members, and coworkers in the pool with all appliances and cooking necessities within reach.

Fun with Family and Friends

Choosing a Danver outdoor kitchen design to go adjacent to your swimming pool allows the chef to divide attention between cooking and mingling with family and friends, all in one space. The chef can socialize with loved ones while cooking, and guests can eat and drink by the pool. While you watch your kids splash around, you can cook a delicious meal for your family using one of the high-end grills that Danver distributes. Create a true outdoor living experience combining swimming, dining, and fun.

Swim Up to the Bar

One major benefit of having an outdoor dining area and entertainment center with a pool is the option to include a bar and refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen design. Next to a cooking space, a bar is ideal for entertaining by the pool. Make and serve drinks to family and friends poolside while they cool off in the water, or everyone can relax by the pool with their drinks on a mild summer night. Keep food and drinks cold in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy them. The convenience to entertain guests with this outdoor living design is unmatched.

outdoor kitchen with a pool

Shade from the Sun

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful day cooking and hanging by the pool without having to worry about lathering up the sunscreen? Some of the best outdoor kitchen designs with a pool will situate the kitchen area beneath a covered patio or gazebo. These shading options offer protection from the sun and will give you the bonus of enjoying your outdoor living space even during the hottest, sunniest days. Appreciate a warm day outside with the option of cooling off in the shade.

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Protective Powder Coat

In any outdoor space, the effects of weather are a concern – especially near a pool – as moisture can contribute to rust and corrosion. To minimize maintenance and contribute to a durable product, Danver offers highly protective and exclusive powder coat finishes. As a bonus, the powder coat finishes are aesthetically desirable and available in a variety of colors and realistic wood grains. Powder coating your Danver stainless cabinets is the optimal choice for both beauty and protection next to your pool.

Be sure to consult the Danver stainless steel cleaning instruction guide for proper care of your outdoor kitchen cabinets, as chlorine and other pool chemicals may damage the powder coat if not properly cleaned and maintained.

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Be the Ultimate Host

Creating a poolside culinary experience allows you to transform your house into a villa or luxury resort. Your guests will be amazed by the sanctuary that you’ve created. Be the ultimate chef, bartender, and host without leaving your backyard patio. Socialize with loved ones, cook great food, and serve delicious drinks by the pool. It’s the ultimate in outdoor entertaining.

Interested in designing an outdoor kitchen next to your pool? The team at Danver is ready to turn your outdoor living dreams into reality. Contact us today and we can help transform your outdoor living space into a backyard oasis!

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