Best Outdoor Apartment Amenities

Choosing attractive outdoor living features for your multi-family property is important for tenant satisfaction and for improving the financial and entertainment value of your property. Designing a desirable space will increase the value of your multi-family property by retaining occupancy and giving you a greater return on your financial investment.

In this article, we discuss popular outdoor features for apartments, which can include amenities outside each individual unit as well as basic amenities in common areas. Some of the most popular outdoor features include outdoor kitchens, seating areas, outdoor fireplaces, patios and balconies, and pools. A semi-custom, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is an especially hot commodity for your outdoor apartment amenity spaces. For unrivaled durability and versatility in the outdoors, learn why Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is the best choice for your outdoor kitchen.

Benefits of Apartment Amenities

The best amenities for your apartment complex will be desirable and useful features that will offer a variety of benefits to your tenants and encourage long-term occupancy. Your apartment building can include outdoor common-use amenities, like a rooftop pool, and individual unit amenities, like a balcony. The inclusion of certain amenities, especially an outdoor kitchen, will add value to your property and offer enjoyable outdoor entertainment spaces for your tenants.

The most desirable properties will offer a variety of community amenities, allowing you to create an outdoor entertaining oasis. Providing additional amenities alongside an outdoor kitchen, such as a seating area, pool, and fireplace, will enhance the outdoor space for your occupants and their guests to enjoy all year long.

Best Apartment Amenities

Rooftop decks. A rooftop deck is a popular amenity space for an apartment complex, as it can easily incorporate other amenities, such as an outdoor kitchen, a lounging area, and a pool. Rooftop amenity spaces offer many benefits with their unique views, and they maximize the use of space by increasing the usable living area of your rental property.

Patios and balconies. An alternative to a rooftop deck is a patio or balcony. A patio is a great option for a common-use amenity area in your apartment building, while balconies are beneficial to individual apartment units. Like a rooftop deck, either space can house a variety of other community amenities.

Outdoor kitchens. Designing a durable, powder coated stainless steel outdoor kitchen in your apartment amenity space is the best way to offer entertaining benefits to your tenants. The versatility of Danver’s outdoor cabinetry will give you the freedom to design a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen in common areas, with the option to design small kitchens or bartending stations for balconies so you can be mindful of safety codes and laws.

Seating areas. Whether you opt for relaxed seating on a balcony or more formal seating on a patio, outdoor seating areas are always essential for any multi-family property. Place your outdoor seating near the pool and outdoor kitchen for a great space for your tenants to relax and eat outdoors.

Pools. A pool is a popular feature for tenants to enjoy, especially if it is close to other outdoor features, like an outdoor kitchen. Pools maximize enjoyment in the outdoors for kids and adults alike, and installing an outdoor kitchen nearby offers a fun common areas to grill, drink, and splash around in the pool on those hot days.

Fireplaces. A fireplace in any outdoor common-use space means the space can be comfortably enjoyed even when the sun goes down. Placing a fireplace near the outdoor seating area will offer a warm space to eat, drink, and socialize.

Why Choose Danver for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

  •   Our 304 or 316 stainless steel cabinets remain durable when exposed to the elements, whether your outdoor kitchen is on an uncovered rooftop, balcony, or patio.
  •   The addition of a powder coat finish will reduce maintenance of your cabinetry to a bare minimum, meaning more time for your tenants to enjoy the space and less time needed for maintenance.
  • Our cabinetry is available in hundreds of sizes in 3” increments, offering almost endless configuration and layout possibilities to place your outdoor kitchen almost anywhere and easily incorporate other outdoor amenities.
  • Our appliance cabinets can house nearly every outdoor appliance and amenity so you can design a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, grilling station, bartending station, and more.
  • Our Post and Panel System (PPS) is a popular alternative for common-use amenity spaces on multi-family properties where storage is not needed.
  • We offer ADA-compliant sizing that allows for accessibility for all in common spaces.

Your apartment complex should include a variety of outdoor amenities for your tenants to enjoy. These basic amenities will increase the financial value of the space and offer an enjoyable outdoor space for dining and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen is an essential amenity for your multi-family rental property, as it ensures that your tenants will enjoy socializing and entertaining outside of their indoor living spaces. Danver is the best choice for your outdoor kitchen, as our cabinetry is engineered to remain durable in all types of weather and can be designed in almost every configuration imaginable.

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