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Must-Have Rooftop Amenities for Your Multi-Family Property

Although multi-family properties in the city can offer a variety of benefits, a drawback of living in the center of a bustling metropolis is limited common-use outdoor space. A popular solution for multi-family properties is a rooftop amenity space for occupants to enjoy, which makes use of an otherwise unusable space to create an entertainment center with incredible, panoramic views. This type of space in your multi-family property will increase the investment value and help to set it apart from other properties.

When designing a rooftop amenity space for a multi-family property, you will want to consider all the features you want to include, such as an outdoor kitchen, a seating area, and a pool. With unrivaled durability and versatility, Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens can help you transform your rooftop space into an attractive, functional, and enjoyable amenity area with a fully equipped and durable outdoor kitchen.

Benefits of a Rooftop Amenity Space

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The benefits of a rooftop amenity space are seemingly endless, as it increases the real estate space of your property by turning an otherwise nonfunctional space into a functional one. An amenity space that includes an outdoor kitchen increases the financial value of the property by making it more appealing to tenants.

A rooftop offers a unique vantage point for stunning views, especially in the city. Since you can include a variety of features on a rooftop space, you can easily create an entertainment space for the enjoyment of your occupants, making your property more appealing overall. Common features include an outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool, a comfortable seating area, an outdoor TV, a fire table or fireplace, and more.

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Options for Rooftop Amenities

best rooftop amenities include an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with a bar

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a bartending station offers unparalleled convenience and entertaining benefits on a rooftop amenity area. Your design can include bar seating as well to maximize the use of space. Your tenants and their guests will enjoy the unique experience of cooking, dining, and socializing on a rooftop.

Outdoor TV

Outdoor-rated TVs are an asset to any outdoor entertainment space, especially for social gatherings for watching a movie or a football game. Outdoor TVs are available for every budget based on their capabilities and durability in the outdoors (e.g., brightness settings, resistance to moisture).

Seating areas

There are plenty of options for seating areas in your rooftop amenity space. Low seating around a fire table provides a relaxing social gathering space for a quiet evening, while more formal seating can be utilized for outdoor parties.


Installing a swimming pool on a rooftop deck, especially adjacent to an outdoor kitchen, offers benefits to the entertainment value of your amenity space and makes the property more appealing to potential occupants. Although pools are generally more appealing in warmer climates, heating options are available for cooler climates – or you can include a hot tub too.

Fireplace or fire table

A fireplace or fire table offers a relaxing atmosphere to your rooftop amenity space. Rooftop spaces can be chilly at night, and a fireplace offers an opportunity to socialize and stay warm. A fire table provides a cozy ambience ambiance while eating a meal.

Why Choose Danver for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

A rooftop amenity space on a multi-family property in the city will experience plenty of exposure to the elements (e.g., sun, wind, rain, snow). As such, you will want to choose features in your space that can withstand the weather for many years, offering a significant return on your investment. Danver’s stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets will remain durable in all types of weather, even on an uncovered rooftop deck. The addition of a powder coat finish will reduce maintenance of your cabinetry to a bare minimum, meaning more time for your tenants to enjoy the space and less time needed for maintenance.

Danver manufactures a variety of cabinetry types that can be arranged in seemingly endless configurations like U shaped or L shaped, allowing you to incorporate other outdoor amenities on your rooftop, like pools, patios, comfortable seating areas, and more. Our cabinetry can house virtually every outdoor appliance that is available, and we manufacture finished end and back panels for a clean look from all sides. Our innovative skeletal Post and Panel System (PPS) with removable panels is a great solution for rooftop amenity spaces on multi-family properties where storage is not needed. Danver also offers innovative multi-family solutions like raised bar seating, extended back panels, and ADA compliant cabinetry.

Incorporating must-have rooftop amenities on your multi-family property, like a Danver outdoor kitchen, will effortlessly revamp your outdoor space and enhance the appeal for your occupants. A rooftop amenity space will not only increase your financial investment value, it will offer an attractive social gathering space with stunning scenic views and enjoyable features that are built to last.

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