outdoor kitchen and bar ideas

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Ideas

One of the trendiest features for outdoor kitchens is an outdoor bartending station. An outdoor bar in your outdoor kitchen is the epitome of entertainment, as you can have guests over to relax with dinner and cocktails in your own backyard. As the pioneer of outdoor kitchen cabinetry, Danver recognizes the importance of having a convenient and functional outdoor living space for all your cooking and entertaining needs. To that end, we offer fully equipped stainless outdoor kitchens that can house a variety of outdoor appliances and amenities to complete your outdoor bar.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Bar

Adding an outdoor kitchen offers many benefits to your outdoor living space, as it expands the livable space in your home and allows you to entertain while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of your own backyard. An outdoor kitchen adds value to your home, and including an outdoor bar enhances the entertaining opportunities of your space. The benefits of including a bar in your outdoor kitchen are unparalleled if you are seeking the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining lifestyle. You can include a variety of cooling/bartending options in your outdoor kitchen, and outdoor kitchen cabinetry offers storage solutions that will make it easy to serve drinks to your guests.

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Considerations for an Outdoor Kitchen Design and Bar

To get the most out of including a bar in your outdoor kitchen design, you should consider several factors for the best results, such as a functional layout and amenity options. If your space allows it, an outdoor kitchen and bar that can function independently from your indoor kitchen will offer the most convenience. Otherwise, you can place your outdoor kitchen close to your home in case you need to head back inside. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, you will want to decide on a functional layout for your backyard kitchen that includes outdoor bartending station amenities like an ice maker, refrigerator, kegerator, and wine cooler. You may want to consider an outdoor kitchen with bar seating to accommodate guests. You will also want to incorporate plenty of workstation space and storage in your cabinetry for a blender, glasses, and other accessories for making and serving drinks.

Why Choose Danver?

outdoor kitchen barWith any outdoor kitchen project, you want to get the best return on your investment by choosing durable materials for your outdoor cabinetry. Danver manufactures durable stainless steel cabinetry that can be powder coated in a wide selection of colors, finishes, and textures for a low-maintenance and attractive outdoor kitchen and bar design that is engineered to last in the outdoors. Our cabinetry is available in hundreds of sizes and dozens of styles, allowing you to design your beautiful outdoor kitchen in virtually any configuration and shape that will be functional in your outdoor space.

Designing a Danver outdoor kitchen gives you the freedom to include many types of cabinetry and bar accessories in your outdoor kitchen. Our wall cabinets are great options for glassware storage, and we can accommodate raised bar seating and islands for the perfect outdoor bar in your backyard kitchen. If you have a pool, we can even accommodate swim-up bar applications! Danver’s stainless steel cabinetry houses a variety of outdoor appliances and amenity options for your outdoor kitchen bar, giving you the freedom to include all the features that you require and eliminating the need to head inside.

If you are seeking the ultimate in outdoor entertainment, including an outdoor kitchen and bar setup is the best option for your backyard. Your outdoor kitchen bar should be functional and include all the latest amenities for the best outdoor experience. By choosing Danver for your outdoor kitchen and outdoor bar, you are investing in durable materials and a functional and attractive outdoor entertaining sanctuary with all the amenities and features that you desire to suit your lifestyle.

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