Outdoor Kitchen Trends 2021

As the pioneer of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, Danver keeps a constant pulse on outdoor living trends. The impact of the pandemic has been a significant trend in the outdoor living market, as the push to stay home and spend time outside has influenced an unparalleled number of homeowners to revamp their outdoor kitchen space. To highlight this growing interest, our 2021 Outdoor Living Report shares poll numbers from surveyed homeowners, 82% of which cited more of an interest in updating their outdoor living spaces than they were prior to the pandemic. This article discusses some of the emerging outdoor kitchen trends in 2021 and how Danver continues to be a trendsetter in outdoor living.

Outdoor Living Report

Durable and Resilient Outdoor Kitchens

One of the Report’s significant findings is that 65% of the surveyed homeowners feel that a fully equipped outdoor kitchen is very important when designing their outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens offer many benefits, one of which is the ability to mimic an indoor kitchen with look, feel, and convenience. Homeowners also want their outdoor kitchen cabinetry to be durable and resilient to the outdoor elements. In our poll, 65% of homeowners cited resilience and 66% cited durability to everyday wear and tear as important factors when purchasing an outdoor kitchen. Danver manufactures durable stainless steel outdoor kitchens that are powder coated with a variety of attractive finishes, providing the longevity and beauty that homeowners are seeking for lasting enjoyment of their outdoor space.

outdoor kitchen trends

Daring Colors

In addition to homeowners wanting durable outdoor kitchens, the bold color options that have been made available for outdoor kitchen cabinets have been equally trendy. After spending months inside with their neutral-hued indoor cabinets, homeowners want to head outside and be surrounded with rich, daring colors that bring their outdoor living spaces to life. In recognition of these color trends, Danver released brand new color palettes for 2021, with brilliant and daring color options including bright reds, rich blues, vibrant yellow – and even pink! Choosing a vibrant outdoor kitchen design for outdoor cooking and entertaining is a great way to make homeowners feel energized when they head outdoors.

Outdoor Living Space Features

Beyond the desire for outdoor kitchens, homeowners are seeking out certain features to include in their outdoor spaces. 42% of the surveyed homeowners reported that an outdoor bar is an important feature, while 53% cited the importance of outdoor heating. Even more popular are fire pits (66%) and outdoor seating (83%). Danver caters well to the amenity-seeking homeowner, as we offer appliance cabinets that house virtually every outdoor appliance, as well as amenity options for creating the perfect outdoor bar space. In addition, our options for layout shapes and dimensions allow homeowners the freedom to incorporate any of their dream features, like a fire pit and seating, into their outdoor living space alongside their outdoor kitchen.

Fueled largely by the pandemic, more homeowners are heading outside with the desire to revamp their outdoor living spaces to include outdoor kitchens, outdoor seating, an outdoor fireplace, and outdoor bars. Along with overhauling their outdoor spaces, homeowners are seeking out bright new colors to bring their patio or backyard spaces to life.

For more outdoor living insights, download our 2021 Outdoor Living Report. Ready to get started revamping your outdoor living space? Contact us today for a quote on a beautiful and durable outdoor kitchen design!

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