Why Outdoor Pizza Ovens Are Gaining Popularity

As the popularity of outdoor kitchens continues to rise, homeowners everywhere are continuing to look for unique ways to differentiate their outdoor space. One trend that has grown in popularity, namely among families, is the outdoor pizza oven trend. Here are the top reasons why this trend is here to stay, and some outdoor pizza oven ideas for your own outdoor kitchen space.

Easy to install

Compared to other more clunky appliances, outdoor pizza ovens are not only relatively easy to install, but also can fit in more seamlessly to the existing design of your outdoor kitchen. All you need is a sturdy base (can be made from stainless steel or concrete and some type of stone or brick). However, if you’re considering adding a pizza oven to your backyard, make sure you carefully consider the location. It’s important to note areas with low-hanging tree branches or prominent bushes to ensure the safety of family members and guest.

Outdoor pizza ovens also have the benefit of being relatively easy to work into an existing outdoor kitchen setup. One of the great features of Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is that our cabinetry is designed to fit any cooking appliance. So regardless of what type of layout or look you are going for, your new pizza oven can be incorporated into your outdoor kitchen with ease.

Multiple design options

Another reason many families are incorporating pizza ovens into their outdoor kitchen is the multiple style and design options that accompany an outdoor pizza oven. If you’re not afraid of customization, you can drive the design in any direction you please including stainless steel, stone, stucco, modern, or brick. From creating an authentic Italian style outdoor kitchen complete with pergola and greenery, or a clean, modern metallic look, the options are endless.


Natural entertaining space

Not only are pizza ovens great for families, they’re also great for entertaining guests. Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens are becoming a more common feature of contemporary homes, and pizza oven fireplaces are quickly becoming one of the most popular cooking features in outdoor spaces. Installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen creates a natural gathering and entertaining space that offers cozy comfort and warmth through the seasons. You can cook alfresco in the summer and enjoy time with family in the warm weather, or treat yourself to a wood-fired pizza when temperatures start to drop in the fall and winter. There’s nothing quite like being able to cook a custom pizza just a few feet from your house!

And not to mention the novelty – any home can have a grill, but how many homes have you visited with their own outdoor pizza oven? Certainly not as many!

Family-friendly dining

A grill or a smoker is a great investment because of the versatility of food options. But, when it comes to specialty appliances, the mass appeal gets a little trickier. This is a big reason why more families are choosing to incorporate outdoor pizza ovens into their homes – kids love pizza! And not just kids it is known that pizza is considered to be one of the favorite foods in America. Furthermore, pizza ovens can be used to make other types of food besides pizza. Wood-fired brick ovens heat up quickly and create high, intense heat that perfect for making veggies, meats and a variety of other dishes.

Now you can see why pizza ovens are gaining in popularity with homeowners. Not only do pizza ovens provide excellent food, but they contribute to a wonderful outdoor experience. It is important to be aware of this popular trend as you help your client build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. If they are trying to determine which amenities or appliances they should include in their outdoor space give them all of the information they need to make an educated decision. It is your job to help guide them through this exciting process so they will be happy with their new outdoor kitchen.


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