Cosmopolitan Table Collection for the Outdoors

The increasing demand for outdoor cooking solutions is fueling innovative designs that are functional in a variety of outdoor spaces. The latest advances in manufacturing have made small outdoor cooking solutions more accessible than ever.

At Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, our Cosmopolitan Table Collection is the latest design innovation for the outdoor market. This collection is set apart for its versatility in spaces with size restrictions or other cooking limitations.

Our outdoor tables and buffets are suitable for a variety of functions and outdoor footprints. They are constructed entirely of durable stainless steel with a powder coat finish, making them an asset to our traditional cabinetry.

Cosmopolitan Collection

With the quality, durability, and attention to detail that you expect from Danver, the goal of our Cosmopolitan Collection is to create a cohesive outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

This collection includes 6 total versions: four tables and two buffets. The products in this collection are designed to stand alone or complement a Danver outdoor kitchen.

While this collection is available in standard color offerings, some modifications may be available when purchasing along with an outdoor kitchen.

Cosmopolitan Tables

The Cosmopolitan Collection has four table offerings: Cook, Store, Eat, and Prep. The tables have the option for casters as well as ADA-compliant height, allowing for added mobility and accessibility for all. These options are especially useful in the multi-family sector.

The dimensions of the tables are 58”W x 24”D x 35”H, with the ADA versions standing at a height of 32.25”. These heights remain the same regardless of the addition of casters.

Our standard powder coat selection for the tables is a “Midnight Matte” frame with “Walnut” wood grain powder coated slats and drawer interiors. Due to their finished appearance on all sides, they can be used for an island application or up against a wall.

Cook & Store

Cosmopolitan Cook is an innovative grilling solution, as it enables the user to cook outdoors without the use of a grill or other cooking appliance. It is an especially functional solution for spaces where a grill may not be practical or useable.

This table includes three drawers across the tabletop. The left drawer is prepped for the Invisacook 2-burner induction unit 110V, with additional storage available behind. Invisacook is the latest induction cooking technology that allows you to cook through the countertop, thereby reducing the space that is needed to cook outdoors.

Cosmopolitan Store includes three drawers like the Cook version, but all the drawers can be utilized for storage. Along with storage, the countertop provides plenty of open workspace.

Eat & Prep

Cosmopolitan Eat offers a sleek and attractive space to dine. The lower shelf is narrower and lower than the other tables, allowing for comfortable seating for multiple guests.

Cosmopolitan Prep’s main function is to provide a workspace to prep food. The lower shelf offers additional storage capabilities as well.

Cosmopolitan Buffets

The Cosmopolitan Buffet Collection has two offerings: Cook and Store. They are furniture-inspired units that are constructed of powder coated stainless steel. They are finished on all four sides, allowing for flexbility with placement.

The dimensions of the buffets are 58”W x 24”D x 35”H. They include three 18”W cabinets with powder coated interiors. The legs are 10”H with adjustable feet.

Buffet Cook & Buffet Store

While larger than the table, the buffet is also practical for cooking in smaller spaces. Like the Cook table, the Buffet Cook has a left side cabinet with a nested drawer that is prepped to house the Invisacook induction unit. The left cabinet also includes a deep storage drawer. The other two cabinets can be utilized for storage, and each includes a full depth, adjustable shelf.

The Buffet Store has the same setup as the Cook version but without the Invisacook unit. As such, all three cabinets can be used for storage.

For small spaces where a grill may not be practical, consider our Cosmopolitan Tables and Buffets. Constructed entirely of powder coated stainless steel, these units will remain durable outdoors. Each version offers a unique function that will be an asset to your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. Equally functional as standalone units or with your Danver outdoor kitchen, these offerings are a cut above traditional outdoor cooking solutions that are available in the market.

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