Outdoor Kitchen Plans and Considerations on a Deck

While outdoor kitchens can be installed in a variety of locations, a deck is a popular place for a backyard kitchen. Since decks are common gathering places, an outdoor kitchen is a convenient way to utilize the space for outdoor entertaining.

A stainless steel outdoor kitchen is the best option for your deck due to durability, ease of installation, and design flexibility. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens can make your fully functioning outdoor cooking space or bartending station a reality. Read on to learn considerations and ideas for designing an outdoor kitchen on your deck.

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The dimensions of your deck are important to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen. A deck will have limitations on factors like layout, size, and weight capacity. Outdoor kitchens on decks are often straight runs of cabinetry or L shaped layouts. Some larger decks can accommodate a U shaped layout or include a kitchen island and bar seating.

Danver’s stainless steel outdoor kitchens offer a durable, lightweight, and seamless solution for a cooking area on your deck. Consider the size of your deck and the weight that your deck can handle. Regardless of the dimensions of your deck, we have seemingly endless configurations of cabinetry to ensure a perfect fit.


Once you determine the most functional layout shape, you should decide which appliances you want to include. Your outdoor kitchen plan should include a grill or other cooking appliance if your goal is to cook in the outdoors. Due to the heat and fire risk, grills are best placed away from house siding.

A benefit of choosing Danver is that you have the freedom to design a cooking space with a variety of appliances. For the ultimate convenience, you can remove the need to use your indoor kitchen when cooking and entertaining outside.

We manufacture appliance cabinets that can accommodate virtually every outdoor appliance on the market, from grills to pizza ovens. For an outdoor bar on your deck, we offer cooling and bartending solutions.

Colors and Styles

Options for color and style are sure to create some backyard envy. Consider the aesthetic of your outdoor space and the colors and styles you would like to include.

Danver offers a selection of cabinet styles and powder coat colors to suit any configuration and aesthetic. Your design can include base, appliance, trash, wall, sink, and more cabinetry types. We even offer finished back and end panels to make your kitchen look beautiful from every angle.

To enhance your design, we also offer a variety of cabinetry door styles and handles. Finish your design with any of our available powder coat finishes to reduce maintenance and add beauty to your deck kitchen.


The installation process is an important consideration when designing an outdoor kitchen for your deck. Some outdoor kitchen materials are messy and require a professional to be on site for weeks to complete the project.

Although we recommend a professional for installation, Danver’s cabinetry arrives preassembled to the installation site. We offer professional resources to help with the process. Since your deck should already be level, installing the cabinets should be a breeze. In fact, smaller jobs may only require a few days on site.

Shading Options

Decks commonly have shading options on them, such as an umbrella or gazebo. Not every outdoor living space has a covering, but some setups on a deck may benefit from one. For instance, a covering offers shade from the sun and shelter from inclement weather. Consider an umbrella over your cooking area or a pergola for a great way to enhance the design of your space.

While Danver’s stainless steel cabinetry does not require a covering, including one on your deck can offer these benefits. Since our outdoor kitchens remain durable all year, a covering will make your outdoor kitchen functional in all types of weather.

Why Choose Danver?

Suitable for virtually every application, our stainless steel outdoor kitchens are the best choice for your deck. We offer the following:

  • 304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinets
  • A selection of cabinetry types for storage, housing appliances, and more
  • Hundreds of sizes in 3” increments
  • A variety of powder coat finishes, door styles, and handles
  • Seemingly endless layout configurations
  • Finished back and end panels for a completed look

Choosing a brand like Danver will ensure design flexibility and a lightweight outdoor kitchen for your deck. Consider factors like layout, appliances, colors and styles, installation, and shading options when deciding on your plans. With our offerings of colors, styles, and designs, you can create a durable and beautiful outdoor kitchen for your deck.

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