How to Include a Refrigerator in Your Outdoor Kitchen

A functional, well-equipped outdoor kitchen will include a variety of amenities for food prep, cooking, serving, and storage. A refrigerator is a coveted outdoor appliance in any design because of the convenience that it offers.

Outdoor kitchen refrigerators are manufactured with durability in mind. When deciding on your fridge, choose a model that best serves the layout of your space, your needs, and your budget. With an abundance of offerings on the market, carefully consider options like size, features, and materials. A stainless steel refrigerator that is waterproof, energy efficient, and has proper ventilation and insulation will be the most functional option for your outdoor kitchen.

With hundreds of cabinetry sizes and dozens of types, including a refrigerator in your stainless steel Danver Outdoor Kitchen is effortless. To get the most out of your space, consider the benefits of including a fridge in your outdoor kitchen, as well as the best layouts for a functional cooking and entertaining space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Refrigerator

A refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen offers a variety of benefits for cooking, dining, and socializing in the outdoors. The greatest benefit lies in keeping food and drinks cold, which eliminates the need to head back inside to your indoor kitchen when you’re preparing dinner. In this way, you have easy access to all your ingredients when you’re prepping and cooking outside.

When having guests over, the last thing you will want to do is leave the conversation to go back inside to make drinks. If you are designing an outdoor kitchen with a bar, a refrigerator is a necessity in your bartending station. Keep cold beers and cocktail ingredients only an arm’s length away.

Layouts for an Outdoor Kitchen with a Fridge

In a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, the most efficient outdoor kitchen layout will form a “work triangle” to incorporate the fridge, the grill or cooking appliance, and the sink. A work triangle creates an effective workflow for food prep, cooking, and cleaning.

Along with your work triangle, your layout should include plenty of countertop workspace and storage options. You will also want your fridge to be in an easily accessible location in your layout, such as in an island or at the end of a cabinetry run. Consider L-shaped, U-shaped, and G-shaped layouts for the most functionality. These shapes allow for a work triangle.

Including a Refrigerator in Your Danver Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, Danver makes it simple to include one in virtually any space. Our semi-custom 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry is available in 3” increments for residential, commercial, and multi-family applications. This flexibility allows for seemingly endless layouts and configurations in every type of project, giving you the freedom to incorporate a fridge in your outdoor kitchen.

We manufacture a variety of cabinetry types, such as basewallappliance, and grill. Each of these cabinets offers a purpose to better serve your outdoor cooking and entertaining lifestyle. The beauty of our outdoor cabinetry is exemplified by our powder coat finishes that reduce maintenance to a bare minimum. Couple your cabinetry with a high-end, outdoor refrigerator, and you will be adequately set up for the ultimate entertainment space.

Although we do not manufacture appliances, we partner with a variety of high-quality appliance brands to suit your outdoor cooking and entertaining needs. Our cabinetry can house a range of refrigeration units that feature two drawers and glass fronts. We also offer custom front panels that can be powder coated in a finish to match the rest of your kitchen.

An outdoor refrigerator is one of the most sought-after amenities for the convenience of cooking in the outdoors. Choose a functional layout and a fridge that best suits your lifestyle. By choosing a brand like Danver for your cabinetry, you can enjoy all the benefits of outdoor refrigeration and design a space that is catered to your individual needs.

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