Outdoor Kitchen Storage and Organization Solutions

The increased drive to head outside has changed the way we approach cooking, dining, and entertaining outdoors. Outdoor living spaces are becoming more elaborate, durable, and functional. In many instances, they are even on par with their indoor counterparts.

While outdoor kitchens continue to rise in popularity, certain features stand out as important. For example, solutions for storage and organization are essential to the function of residential outdoor kitchens. Common solutions include drawers, shelves, storage tables, and islands.

As the pioneers of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, Danver Outdoor Kitchens recognizes the importance of functional outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces. We offer many cabinetry types for an outdoor kitchen design that can rival your indoor kitchen for color, style, and features.

Storage and Organization Benefits

For the best value in your outdoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen plans should include storage options. These options are typically drawers and shelves in base cabinets. Some plans include more varied solutions, such as islands.

Storage will keep your cooking and dining tools off your counter space for more room for prep, cooking, and entertainment. It will ensure that these accessories remain within easy reach too. Under counter storage is also a convenient place to keep gas and plumbing lines accessible yet tucked away.

An outdoor kitchen increases your home’s livable space by removing the need to head back inside. This benefit is most successfully achieved with plenty of storage solutions. With seemingly endless layouts available with Danver, you will have flexibility with storage.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans: Storage Solutions

By engineering our cabinetry in hundreds of sizes and dozens of types, we make it simple to suit your storage needs. Consider our traditional cabinetry options and our table collection, both available in powder coated stainless steel for durability and minimal maintenance.

Traditional Cabinetry Options

Our traditional cabinetry options for storage include base cabinets, grill cabinets, appliance cabinets, sink cabinets, trash cabinets, wall cabinets, and islands. Each type of cabinet has its own purpose that you can easily tailor to your individual taste.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are the core of outdoor kitchens, making them important for storage as well. We offer a variety of base cabinet styles that you can mix and match. These styles include full-height door, door/drawer, and multi-drawer.

Our full-height door cabinets have one or two door options and provide a sleek look to your design. Door/drawer cabinets give you both storage and organization capabilities. Multi-drawer cabinets (available in 1 to 4 drawers) keep all your cooking tools organized.

Grill and Appliance Cabinets

Grills and cooking appliances are staples in outdoor kitchens. We have cabinetry that can house grills and other appliances, such as power burners and smokers.

Depending on the type of cabinet, you have your choice of drawers, doors, or a combination of the two. These options allow for easy access to grill accessories, connections, and lines for your gas grill.

Sink and Trash Cabinets

Our sink cabinets offer the convenience of doors for accessing plumbing and additional storage. Trash cabinets are available with an optional storage drawer above the trash. These extra luxuries are subtle, but they make prep and cleanup much more convenient.

Wall Cabinets

Like your indoor kitchen, outdoor wall cabinets are popular for storing dining accessories like plates, bowls, and glasses. If your space allows for wall cabinets, we have a variety of solutions for your outdoor kitchen wall. Wall cabinets are available with one or two doors and multiple shelves.


Outdoor kitchen islands are a great addition to outdoor spaces because they can be used entirely for storage and workspace. Islands are commonly used for outdoor grilling or an outdoor bar. Our islands are finished on all four sides, which allows placement virtually anywhere.

Cosmopolitan Table Collection

outdoor buffet

Our Cosmopolitan Table Collection is a unique offering to the market. It is an alternative solution for spaces where a grill may not be practical. This collection of outdoor kitchen tables includes six offerings: Cook, Prep, Store, Dine, Buffet Cook, and Buffet Store. In keeping with our commitment to functional solutions, the Cook and Store pieces in this collection have many capabilities for storage.

Cook and Store Tables

True to its name, the Store table includes three storage drawers across the tabletop with a lower fixed shelf. The Cook table has the same setup, although the left side drawer is prepped to fit an Invisacook 2-burner induction unit. The drawers and shelf are useful for storing cooking and dining accessories.

Buffet Cook and Buffet Store

For the most storage in the Cosmopolitan Collection, the Buffet Cook and Buffet Store are the best options. Both versions include a nested drawer and deep storage drawer with two storage cabinets with full depth, adjustable shelves.

Why Choose Danver?

Danver is committed to offering functional and convenient outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces. An important aspect to a functional space is plenty of storage options. By offering a variety of configurations, we also give you design freedom to suit your storage needs. In addition to these qualities, we offer:

  • 304 stainless steel cabinetry (316 grade also available)
  • Powder coat finishes to add beauty and reduce maintenance
  • Many cabinetry styles (base, wall, appliance, grill, sink, trash)
  • Multiple door/drawer configurations
  • Less common storage solutions like islands and tables
  • Seemingly endless layouts and configurations
  • Fillers, trim kits, and end panels for a clean and seamless look

Danver’s innovative storage solutions show that we continue to be leaders in the industry. For anyone looking to build an outdoor kitchen, consider features like doors and drawers to ensure your space is practical. We have a variety of powder coated stainless steel cabinetry designs to suit any footprint.

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