The ultimate outdoor kitchen

Tips to Design the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

When you make the decision to invest in an outdoor kitchen, it is important to get the best value you can. You can control this by selecting durable materials, an efficient layout, and functional outdoor kitchen appliances and amenities for your cooking style and space. As a pioneer of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, the experts at Danver Outdoor Kitchens have the knowledge to help you design the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Whether you choose Danver or another brand for your outdoor kitchen, read on to find out the important considerations and factors involved in revamping your outdoor living space.

Location, Location, Location

Before choosing the features of your outdoor kitchen design, you will want to determine the placement and a functional layout. Size options are key here, as the ultimate outdoor kitchen will have plenty of options to fit seamlessly in any space that you desire. Certain layouts tend to be more functional depending on the size of the outdoor living space as well. For instance, smaller spaces benefit the most by a straight run or small L, while larger spaces can incorporate more effective layout shapes, such as a U or G shaped layout. Another thing to keep in mind is the space you might need for a seating area or bar seating. The layout you choose will determine how much space you have for these types of outdoor entertainment areas. See Related: The ABCs of Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

Durable Materials & Convenient Features

Materials and features are crucial components when designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Many cabinet material options are available, and these options range in durability and maintenance requirements. For instance, wood is combustible and susceptible to rot, while metals like stainless steel are the most weather resistant in the outdoors, especially when powder coated and maintained regularly. In this respect, choosing quality products that fit your application will help you create a solid foundation for the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Style and Design

The ultimate outdoor kitchen will have customizability in style and design so that you can suit your personal aesthetic, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. Color, door styles and handles are all great opportunities for customization, as they put the finishing touches on any look that you want to achieve. Consider these design elements to make a bold, individual statement in your outdoor kitchen design.

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Amenity & Appliance Selection

When choosing amenities and appliances for your outdoor kitchen space, it is common to choose a grill that is too large for your specific needs. As such, it is important to understand the outdoor kitchen appliances and amenities that are available, as well as the sizes and features that will suit your space, your cooking style, and entertaining requirements. Professional consultation will provide you with all your appliance and amenity options to make your outdoor space as functional as possible and to make entertaining in your outdoor living area a breeze.

Do It Yourself?

See Related: The Disadvantages of a DIY Outdoor Kitchen After discussing the important considerations for designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you may be wondering how to proceed with your project. There are many factors to consider when building an outdoor kitchen or cooking area that should be handled by experts who can assist you with the considerations above, like material selection, using design tools, choosing a functional layout and appliances, adhering to local building codes, and proper installation. In short, turning to the experts is the first step to achieving the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Why Choose Danver?

Since Danver’s stainless steel cabinets are available in hundreds of sizes, you have seemingly endless possibilities for the layout of your outdoor kitchen space. Popular locations include a Florida or California Room, a backyard patio, a deck, by a pool, and even on an urban rooftop. Danver manufactures outdoor kitchen cabinets from either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, both of which are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and weather effects when regularly maintained. Our cabinets can also be powder coated in UV resistant colors that range from glossy to matte, metallic and textured, classic to bold, and even realistic wood grain finishes. For durability and convenience, Danver cabinets come equipped with drawers manufactured with double-wall construction and full extension, self-close/soft-close technology, rain gaskets and soft-close magnetic closures, and back and end panels to give the cabinetry a finished look on all sides. We also offer a selection of handles that include our standard bar pull and sleek drawer tab pull, as well as crafted handles in many different finishes and patinas. Our door styles range from a flat, sleek panel to sea glass inserts and classic shaker style doors. This wide selection allows for customization not only in color but style as well, allowing you to design your ultimate outdoor kitchen to your taste. Although Danver does not manufacture appliances, we distribute a wide selection of high quality appliances and amenities for one-stop shopping convenience. Our team can also provide recommendations for grills based on sizes and other features that will work well in your design. In addition, our grill cabinets and appliance cabinets fit almost any manufacturer’s outdoor cooking appliance. The team at Danver will ensure that regulations will be followed and that your cabinets will be installed properly as well: level, square, and plumb. Additionally, enlisting the help of architects and designers, who utilize professional resources, will guarantee seamless positioning and function for your outdoor kitchen project. From material selection and layout options to amenities and appliances, there are several tips and tricks to designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Although building your own outdoor kitchen may seem inviting, we recommend beginning your project by choosing expert consultation. The experts can help you with your project from start to finish with layout options, material and color selection, cooking appliance selection, and installation. Get the most out of your outdoor kitchen experience by utilizing this guide to design the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Design your ultimate outdoor kitchen by calling the experts at Danver today!

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