How Will You Finish Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

Once your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen has been designed and sent into production, the only thing left to decide from a manufacturing standpoint is how you want to finish the bottom of your cabinets. Luckily, Danver offer a variety of options that will match the cabinets and theme of your outdoor kitchen area.

The most common option chosen by homeowners is the Toe Kick, which comes in stainless steel (cannot be painted), or black plastic with an aluminum back, and clips for attaching to the cabinet legs. It is important to note that if your outdoor kitchen is on a patio, where muriatic acid is used to clean pavers, or is exposed to any sort of acid, the stainless steel toe kick will etch, and the black plastic option becomes the better choice between the two. Although the black toe kick may etch over time, it will not be nearly as noticeable as on stainless steel.


The standard toe kick is 96” long and 4.375” high, and is not cut to order in-house. A 6” height is available for cabinets higher off the ground, and each run of toe kick is shipped in a circular tube, separate from the cabinets, and delivered directly to the job site where the landscape architect or designer is free to cut based on their needs. Splices for cabinet runs longer than 96”, and 45° or 90° In-Corner and Out-Corners are also available for corner cabinets turns, in black or stainless steel.

leg_and_kick_croppedThe toe kick is very easy to assemble, as the clips on the back are designed to attach to each leg, making it particularly easy to take off if the homeowner wanted to clean underneath the cabinets. Toe kick also provides a less maintenance and aesthetically pleasing approach to finishing the kitchen because it will block any leaves or other outdoor debris from getting underneath the cabinets. While it’s a personal choice, 90% of toe kick sold is black because it is a better fit with most outdoor kitchen designs. However, if there are stainless steel handles or appliances with the cabinets, then the stainless steel toe kick is chosen.

leg_oneThe standard leg is not meant to be used without a run of toe kick, but if that option doesn’t work for a particular outdoor kitchen, there are two other options available. The standard leg and tapered leg are adjustable for different cabinet heights, and although they have different looks, they serve the same purpose functionally. They also allow an open space under the cabinets making it easy to clean.


Square stainless steel leg covers are manufactured to clip to each leg, and can be powder coated to match the finish of the cabinets. These leg covers come 4” high and either 3” for single cabinet legs or 6” wide for cabinets with legs next to one another. The stainless steel tapered leg replaces the standard leg and toe kick option. It cannot be painted, but serves a decorative purpose, as well as keeping the bottom cabinets open and easily to clean. This leg comes in an ADA height as well.


I hope I was able to provide enough information to help decide which leg finishing option would be best for an outdoor kitchen. If any further information is needed, please contact our sales department!

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