10 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Amenities

The decisions that you make regarding your outdoor kitchen should reflect your cooking and entertaining needs. Some of these decisions include the cabinetry material (we recommend stainless steel!), the color, layout shape, and the features.

While your outdoor kitchen can include a variety of appliances and accessories, some are especially important. Consider that the size and shape of your kitchen may limit the features that you can include. For the best results, you should consider your must-have appliances and accessories based on the size of your space.

Choosing Danver for your outdoor kitchen will guarantee that the look you want is the look you will have. Our wide selection of cabinetry types, sizes, door styles, colors, and more will ensure that you can include any must-have features regardless of the size of your outdoor space.

Must-Haves in Your Outdoor Space

While cabinetry is the foundation for your outdoor kitchen, appliances and accessories add function and a ton of value to your outdoor space. Although Danver does not manufacture appliances, we are able to distribute a number of high-quality brands for convenient one-stop shopping when you purchase your outdoor kitchen. The following is a list of must-have accessories and appliances for the best return on your investment.


For outdoor appliances, grills are the most popular. They are available in a variety of models and sizes, with features to suit every budget and any size kitchen. Danver manufactures grill cabinets that include custom trim kits to accommodate your favorite grill.


Providing a taste and versatile cooking capabilities like no other, smokers allow you to cook large cuts of meat evenly and efficiently with a distinct smoky flavor.  Danver’s ceramic smoker egg cabinets can house egg-style smokers of more than 200 pounds.


An outdoor refrigerator is an absolute must if you want to cook and make drinks outside. Keep all your ingredients fresh, cold, and an arm’s length away for the ultimate convenience. You can choose from two-drawer units, glass front, or fridges with panels that can be powder coated in one of Danver’s finishes.


For easy meal prep and cleanup, an outdoor sink is another must-have. Although this accessory is sometimes overlooked, you would recognize the benefits if you had to head inside just to use your indoor sink! Sink cabinets are available to house your choice of sink and faucet.

Bartending Station

What’s an outdoor entertainment space without an outdoor kitchen and bar? Apart from a fridge, bartending stations often include kegerators, wine coolers, and ice makers. Include base cabinets in a variety of styles to store your glassware, blender, and more for your ultimate setup.


A trash receptacle in your outdoor kitchen is a convenient way to keep trash out of sight (and smell)! Incorporating a pull-out trash cabinet in your outdoor kitchen makes meal prep and cleanup a breeze. Choose from one or two basket options, with or without a drawer above the pull-out.

Seating Area

An outdoor living space is not complete without a seating area. You can choose from relaxed seating around a fire pit, more formal seating for dinner parties, or anything in between. A seating area is a great place to socialize with food and drinks.


A pool is a coveted amenity for entertaining in your backyard. Installing one adjacent to your outdoor kitchen offers a multitude of benefits for outdoor parties. With Danver’s seemingly endless configurations, it is easy to create this design that allows you to be the ultimate host.


Lighting is essential is one of the most popular outdoor kitchen accessories for year round function of your space. From string lighting to recessed lighting, you can find a variety of options to suit your budget and needs. Create a warm ambience with a fireplace or add recessed lighting for modern functionality.


Although not a necessity for protection of powder coated stainless steel cabinetry, an outdoor kitchen cover can offer benefits. You can choose from various types of covers, like a pergola or gazebo. Since Danver offers seemingly endless configurations, it is easy to fit your design beneath a cover.

Why Choose Danver?

  • Stainless steel (304 or 316 grade) cabinetry in a variety of types to house all your must-have appliances, amenities, and accessories.
  • Limited maintenance with a wide selection of beautiful and UV resistant powder coat finishes.
  • Layout options that give you the freedom to include a pool and seating area in your outdoor space.

Durability, minimal maintenance, and options for size, layout, color, and cabinetry type are the main reasons that consumers choose Danver time and time again. Our powder coated 304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry is designed to last for decades. Our grill and appliance cabinets are engineered to house virtually every appliance on the market, meaning you can easily incorporate your outdoor kitchen must-haves.

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