Patio Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor patios are often located in residential backyards and can be constructed from a variety of materials in many shapes and sizes. Patios provide a level and attractive surface for outdoor amenities, such as outdoor kitchens and outdoor seating areas. When designing your Danver stainless steel outdoor kitchen, a backyard patio is one of many options for the placement of your outdoor kitchen. This article discusses the materials, benefits, and layout options for your outdoor patio space, as well as reasons for choosing Danver for your patio outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Patio Design Ideas and Benefits

There are many factors to consider when navigating how to design an outdoor patio. Several material options are available for outdoor patio construction, such as concrete, pavers, brick, and stone. Your material choice will depend on budget, as well as the location of the backyard patio, layout needs, and aesthetics of your outdoor area. Some materials, like concrete or brick, tend to be inexpensive options. Concrete will offer an industrial look to your backyard patio, while stone will add a natural touch. Brick and stone can be laid in intricate designs and color patterns to enhance the design. Most materials can be painted in a variety of colors as well.

For cooking, eating, and entertaining, a patio for your outdoor space offers a finished surface in your backyard for your outdoor kitchen, as well as for other features like a seating area. A patio is also a great option for placement near your pool for lounging in the sun. Since you will not want to place your outdoor kitchen directly onto grass or dirt, a patio offers a clean, level foundation for your outdoor kitchen installation and the rest of your outdoor living space.

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Best Patio Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

The best outdoor kitchen layouts for patios will be functional in accordance with the size and shape of your outdoor space and patio. You will need to consider the size of your patio area and how much space your outdoor kitchen will require, plus the addition of other features and amenities. If your patio area is against your home, you will want to consider where to place grills and other heating appliances, as you will not want to place them against your house.

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If your patio is limited in size, a straight run of cabinets may be your only option. For medium sized patios, an L shaped outdoor kitchen is a more functional option, as this backyard patio design offers a work triangle for effective food prep and workflow. On large patios, a U shaped or a G shaped layout will provide the most versatile and functional outdoor kitchen experience for cooking and entertaining.

Choosing Danver for Your Patio Outdoor Kitchen

When installing an outdoor patio, it is important to determine placement of your patio space, the size of your available outdoor area, and material options. Then, you will want to determine the most functional layout for your patio, which will also help to inform the layout for your outdoor kitchen.

Choosing Danver for your patio outdoor kitchen will achieve a functional and attractive space, as well as offer:

  • Durable stainless steel (304 or 316 grade) cabinetry.
  • Options for cabinet types – base, wall, appliance, and more – that can be arranged in seemingly endless outdoor kitchen layouts.
  • Attractive and UV resistant powder coat finishes that minimize maintenance.
  • A range of door styles and handles.
  • Cabinets to house appliances and amenity options, such as grills and outdoor bar accessories.
  • Preassembled cabinetry with professional instructions for a clean and easy installation.

An outdoor patio offers you the ability to enhance the design and function of your outdoor living space and provide a foundation for outdoor kitchen installation. Depending on the size of your outdoor living space, the most functional outdoor kitchen layout will be a straight run or a more complex design. When designing your patio outdoor living space, Danver will offer you everything you need for the ultimate outdoor kitchen setup! From beautiful powder coated stainless steel cabinetry to a variety of amenity options, an outdoor kitchen from Danver will ensure that your outdoor patio will become a cooking and entertaining oasis.

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